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Christopher Swanger Keeps Moving Forward with His Broad Visions of Art



Christopher Swanger

Creativity always takes courage to influence society. Through its enchanting vibes, art has the nature to glitter and grow in different forms. Christopher Swanger is a mindful artist and a versatile soul living with expertise in animation, graphic design, and photography.

A rising artist has served the art industry for more than 3 decades. Nature twisted Christopher to learn more, so he has been part of a web and mobile app designer and UI/UX designer. It’s just his intro; what he hides in his artistic personality has so much to discover with information that is enough to hypnotize the world.

With his dynamic approaches, Christopher currently serves a company, Razorfish as a creative designer. It’s just art that hooked him so closely and placed him in the eyes of society as an artist who worships art and beliefs in creativity.

The Multi-Talented Art of Photography

Christopher knows how to bring a real look into fake objects through his photography and artistic techniques. After proving his artistic mindset to the world, Christopher aims to turn all his art pieces into the emerging era of NFT’s world.

As the NFT boom enveloped the world, Christopher wanted to develop an NFT approach to grasp a bigger audience simultaneously throughout his creative art, photoshoots, and coolest NFT collection. As he has been in the industry for the last 30 years with countless news and art publications, he now wants to glitter with the current art trends.


The Mesmerizing Photography Genres

Christopher Swanger showed what he had to the art industry as an artist and created countless art pieces. His favourite and famous genres are portraits, fashion, sports, still life, and everything around art and craft. He has many portraits and NFTs that he still needs to show but he intends to sell them as NFT’s to run the art show continuously.

For the love of photography, Christopher thinks,

“It’s what I do. It’s what I’ll always do.”

Christopher is famous in the fashion and glamor world as his portfolio describes his work with famous artists and bands such as Quiet Riot, MAstadon, Machine Head, Dweezle Zappa, and Steven Adler from Guns N Roses.

A Tip from a Professional

Stop using auto modes on your camera. Always use Manual mode and learn to manually set your aperture and F stop. You’ll thank me later. Also, always shoot in RAW format.

Art Is What Makes You Hell Creative

Christopher seems hardworking, determined, an art lover, and a creative head who just wants to bring out new and innovative ideas to his artwork, photography, and NFTs with his creatives out.

Christopher aims to build his image in the NFT world. He desires to replace old, boring apes and monkey NFTs with his new, catchy, coolest NFT collection. By doing this, he will be on the verge of enchanting NFT lovers with his new NFT collections and variations.

Art lovers can soothe their eyes by following Christopher’s Instagram profile swagadelic.shotz and swagadelic-shotz, as well as on Christophers shares his plans to get noticed and get new NFT and art-loving followers to be in the art game.

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