The Lintz Brothers Master the Secrets of Instagram Marketing with HighKey Clout

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In 2016, brothers, Jordan, Luke and Jackson Lintz started their first company in the consumer tech industry. But they say they never imagined this company,  an e-commerce consumer electronics business, would lead them down a path to become a global giant in personal influencer branding as well. However, it was that first business venture that showed them the intricacies involved in building a business and a brand, allowing them to branch out and help others.

How HighKey Got into Marketing

When the HighKey brothers realized that a substantial amount of their own personal Instagram followers were also interested in building their own brands, a light bulb went off. They saw it as an opportunity to expand their business.

They started their first marketing endeavor, HighKey Agency, to help others build their brands. After a few months of business, Trent Huss and Stefan Aarnio joined their team, propelling things to the next level. Aarnio began his relationship with HighKey as a client and said he was in awe when the brothers helped him grow his Instagram following from 4,000 to 70,000 in just six months. He wanted in on the business side of things too. Now their newest business venture, HighKey Clout, an influencer management brand, continues to blow clients away.

Competition Does Not Exist

The HighKey brothers are enjoying roaring success in all of their business ventures thanks to their unique perspective on doing things differently from other marketing agencies in the industry.

For one thing, the Lintz’ say they agree that competition doesn’t exist for them simply because they don’t focus on their competitors. Many people believe that to be successful with their social media branding campaigns, they need to rise above their competitors by differentiating themselves from them. Instead, HighKey Clout says they focus on what makes a personal brand unique, paying attention to what fans and followers want. In this way, no time or energy is wasted focusing on the competition because there isn’t any.

Building a Company Based on Giveaways

HighKey Clout specializes in celebrity prize giveaways sponsored by A-list influencers and celebrities. Of course, the Lintz brothers say they have put their own unique twist on the traditional giveaway concept by collaborating with sponsors instead of simply promoting the giveaway in the sponsor’s name.

Their impressive giveaway roster of celebrities includes Kevin Hart, Bhad Bhabie, Trippie Redd, Lil Pump, Dababy, Bella Thorne, Lil Yatchy, and Rich The Kid. Together, they’ve given away more than $350,000 worth of prizes. They’ve gained over 650,000 followers on Instagram and generated $10M in revenue through the business in the same period. Now, the most recent celeb to partner up with HighKey Clout for their May 2021 giveaway this month is American rapper and songwriter, 6ix9ine.

How to Get Involved

Entrants will have a chance to walk away with a Tesla, or a PS5 console. For all of the details and instructions on entering, follow 6ix9ine and HighKey Clout on Instagram. Don’t miss it.