The Opposite Of Sad: An artist who can understand the language of the universe

There is always something that can be an inspiration for someone, inspiring people to be better, do better, and compete. For some weak-hearted people, this inspiration and competition can be a reason for depression, but few can take this competition as an inspiration and motivation.

An artist with a weird name, The Opposite of Sad, took these competitions and rejection as its motivation and deep inspiration. During an interview, he said that “I had to take smoking, drugs, alcohol, and rejection from a girl I loved the most as my inspiration. I committed myself to work hard and achieve what I did not have all my life. I took inspiration from music and wanted to create something quite different for the world.”

We all know that there is so much competition in the music industry, and making roots in this industry is complicated. Everyone around you is making more efforts to achieve something and survive in this industry, and you have to do more and more. Making strong roots in the film industry is not a piece of cake for everyone. Only the people with dedication, interest, and talent in making films and TV series can make their place in this industry. This is a task that takes ambition, courage, and determination. If someone has the talent and knows the rule of this game can make their place in the industry.

The Opposite Of Sad

In an interview, he said that he always wanted to earn money, achieve success and greatness. After being rejected by the woman he loved the most, he took the motivation and inspiration and worked hard. We have heard of a phrase that says, “Empty stomach is the best teacher.”

Knowing the signs and language of the universe and nature around it is a gift. Our American artist has had a tattoo that says, “It is fucked up, but it is true,” He claims that a magic mushroom told him to make this tattoo. He is just 19 years old, and he wants to be known as “the opposite of sad” or TOOS, and he claims that the universe told him to ink this tattoo while he was tripping hard.

He said that he managed to get a hold of a magic mushroom from a friend and scoffed them all down in an interview. He was so alone at that time, and there was no one to understand him. He said, “I went to Lavish Tattoo on EL Cajon after believing it was my duty to get the tattoo. I still remember when I was lying down, and I was having a rush of the universe smacking all over my brain and body. I was tripping very hard, and I heard a voice from now where that said a phrase ‘it’s fucked up but it is true’”

Even though he was very high when he was getting this tattoo, he always said that he has no regret of doing this on his forehead.

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