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The social media marketing journey of Lorenzo Riavis: from Instagram theme pages to running an agency



The social media marketing journey of Lorenzo Riavis from

Last week we had a call with Lorenzo Riavis: a very young entrepreneur, only 17 years old, who already has a lot of experience in the social media marketing industry.

He started more than two years ago by running an online business based on Instagram theme pages.

“Even though we were talking about small numbers I’ve always seen it as a real business: I was spending a few hundred dollars to promote a niche page and make it viral. Then I sold sponsorships to other pages or to big enterprises, and I knew I had to make back my investment.”

“The bigger deal” continues Lorenzo, “was with a company of online auctions who was paying me a huge amount of money month by month.”

Everything was going quite well, he even started outsourcing some tasks to other people, but he suddenly quitted: “I was earning enough, but I wasn’t developing real marketing skills and I wasn’t providing enough value to my customers, therefore I decided to stop and start a social media marketing agency which helps people to gain real followers on Instagram.”

Today he’s working on this new project, assisting in their growth also some important European celebrities which he can’t mention because of professional secrecy.

During his path, Lorenzo has also understood the importance of putting in effort and perseverance. “I fully understand that feeling when you want to use your phone while you’re working but you must resist. Discipline is all.” – says Lorenzo.

Lorenzo’s words could be a source of inspiration for many young entrepreneurs who want to approach this industry, which seems to be a real cash-cow from the number of daily users of social networks.

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