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There is now a feature that the Pixel Watch 2 ought to have had at launch



There is now a feature that the Pixel Watch 2 ought to have had at launch

A fully charged notification is a feature that has been requested and should have been included in the Google Pixel Watch 2; however, Google has listened to everyone’s requests and complied. Yes, that’s correct: when your Pixel Watch 2 is fully charged, a notification will now appear on your Android phone.

Starting today, the Pixel Watch app (version should offer this new feature. This feature appears to be rolling out covertly as Google did not formally announce it (and was first spotted by Android Authority).

Basically, an alert will appear on your Android phone informing you when your Pixel Watch 2 is fully charged. You can still leave the watch on the charger by being informed of this, but it also serves as a helpful reminder to replace it once it is fully charged.

Regretfully, there doesn’t seem to be a way to disable this notification if you didn’t need it. It might be unlikely that anyone would choose to turn it off voluntarily, though, as it was a feature that was very highly requested and one that the Pixel Watch 2 should have come with out of the box.

Since the notification originates from the Pixel Watch app and not the watch itself, those who are still using the original Pixel Watch ought to receive it as well. However, it looks to be compatible with the Pixel Watch 2 exclusively as of right now.

This type of notification is not unique to the Google Pixel Watch 2. For a few years now, Apple has provided notifications to owners of Apple Watches and iPhones. It’s surprising that it took Google this long to quietly implement this feature, as many smartwatch users now just assume it.

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