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These innovative food waste startups are leading the change across the world



These innovative food waste startups are leading the change across the world

Food waste has become quite possibly of the greatest environmental issue and supporters of greenhouse gas emissions. The food we discard releases enormous amounts of methane gas, which is 25 times more strong than carbon dioxide. Other than adding to climate change, food misfortune is a misuse of the normal assets that were utilized to produce it, including energy, water, and fuel.

There are right now in excess of 800 million individuals confronting hunger worldwide but, around 33% of worldwide food supplies are wasted or lost. Food companies are under greater scrutiny to diminish their carbon footprint and address the issues connected with the industry. In any case, these creative food waste new startups are driving the change, and have thought of unique answers to addressing this pressing matter.

  1. GreenPod Labs (India)

In the wake of working in the food science sector in the US for a very long time, entrepreneur Deepak Rajmohan moved back to India to begin GreenPod Labs in a bid to reduce food waste in his country of origin.

Established in 2019, the startup creates dynamic packaging sachets which enact built-in defense mechanisms in fruit and vegetables to save their quality and dial back the ripening system.

The inventive thought is a genuinely necessary postharvest resolution for food waste, which is a gigantic issue for the Southeast Asian country. Regardless of being the second-biggest producer of fruit and vegetables in the world, 40% of the new produce filled in India is lost before it arrives at buyers.

  1. CHOMP (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong-based app CHOMP is tending to food surplus in Hong Kong’s F&B industry while at the same time offering a resolution for food waste.

Established in 2020 via Carla Martinesi and Chris Wettling, this bilingual solutions-based app offers unsold food items from neighborhood bakeries and restaurants to customers packaged in “mystery boxes” and at a discounted cost. However, their main goal doesn’t end here.

As indicated by Wettling, instruction is vital to changing the numerous misconceptions encompassing food surplus and helping food waste, locally as well as everywhere. Hence, CHOMP’s team is empowering more exchange between F&B businesses and clients by posting standard tips and advice on their Instagram page and is teaming up with nearby schools to bring issues to light among more youthful generations.

  1. FLYFARM (Singapore)

Co-founded by Constant Tedder and Andres Crabbe, FLYFARM brings to the market a creative and sustainable method to produce insect protein. While current farming systems and protein production put enormous pressure on our current environment, the agri-tech company works intimately with renewable energy-powered larvae farms that upcycle organic waste into excellent protein for animal feeds.

Food waste and results coming from agriculture and food processing -, for example, spent grain from breweries works or refineries, as well as mush and off-grade, waste from soy processing plants – are upcycled by harnessing the force of insects, the normal converters of organic waste in nature.

  1. Kebony (Norway)

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Kebony is a global leader in changed wood manufacturing. In opposition to the food waste new companies referenced up until this point, this one focuses on utilizing food waste to create something else: softwood.

However this sort of wood acts uniquely in contrast to hardwood, Kebony has concocted an award-winning technology that utilizations waste coming from the food industry, adjusting it to reflect the way of behaving and qualities of tropical hardwood, which is typically harder, stronger, and more durable. Thusly, other than taking full advantage of food waste, the company is forestalling deforestation and saving lots of greenhouse gas emissions.

  1. Too Good To Go (United Kingdom)

Accessible in a few European countries as well as in Canada and the US, this focus point food app is battling food waste by aiding food stores sell their surplus food as opposed to discarding it.

Laid out in 2015 and served its most memorable client in 2016, Too Good To Go has since partnered up with big restaurants and food chains around the world to sell so-called ‘magic bags’ of goods at a discounted cost. Up until this point, the company claims to have saved north of 52 million meals worldwide, enough to take care of the whole populace of South Korea.

  1. BIO2CHP (Greece)

Greek-based BIO2CHP uses raw residual biomass feedstock from the agro-food industry – particularly fruit product waste, coffee grounds, and olive kernels – for a limited scope, on-location electricity production. The waste-to-energy process enjoys a few benefits, from switching waste administration costs into extra income completely to redesigning the environmental image and diminishing the footprint of the end client.

Laid out in 2017, the creative startup received over one million dollars to fund its research and foster an award-winning technology that re-imagined the waste-to-energy system.

  1. Ottan Studio (Turkey)

Ottan Studio has become famous for changing over food and garden waste into bio-composite material from which it makes furniture, decorative items, and wall panelling.

Interior design items are regularly produced with wood and other raw materials, yet the founder behind this Turkey-based startup, Ayse Yilmaz, saw the magnificent potential of biological waste as raw material and came up with an innovative process to upcycle tons of discarded fruit peels, nutshells, and leaves and manufacture them into high-quality products.

  1. TripleW (Israel)

Established in 2015, Israeli startup TripleW developed a circular solution for the environmental and financial challenges of waste administration. The company developed an interaction to change over plentifully accessible organic waste – from the supermarket and industrial food surplus to municipal source-separated food waste – into feedstock for the development of polylactic acid (PLA bioplastic).

This renewable and exceptionally popular material can be utilized to manufacture thousands of products, from yogurt cups and tea bags to shirts and toy blocks. Moreover, the company empowers chemical recycling of biodegradable plastics back into their patented process, further decreasing wastage.

  1. Choco (Germany)

Ninth on our list of food waste new startups is Choco. Established in 2018, this Berlin-put-together food tech startup is with respect to a mission to change and completely digitalize the food industry’s business processes by 2026. With an organization of in excess of 10,000 suppliers and 15,000 chefs, the app offers a proficient digital tool that replaces archaic processes, for example, pen-and-paper manual spreadsheets that numerous foodservice businesses actually depend on to arrange fixings and record sales.

It additionally claims to further develop request precision, reducing mistakes and incorrect deliveries, hence guaranteeing that less food and cash are wasted all the while. With a sum of almost USD$300 million in funding, Choco had the option to quickly extend its operations to serve markets in Germany, the US, France, Spain, Austria, and Belgium.

  1. Fridgely (US)

Established in 2015 by Justin Ehlert, a senior computer science major at the University of Texas at Dallas, the Fridgely app is a food lapse date tracker that cautions buyers when food will terminate, permitting them to eat it before they turn sour. Ehlert thought of this thought while residing in a condo with three other male understudies and acknowledging how much food the family squandered every week.

In the US, the average family of four wastes around 25% of its food. Besides, a staggering 80% of Americans discard new produce and packaged products since they misconstrue expiration labels. Fridgely addresses a novel chance to handle this huge, however effectively preventable, issue.

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