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Things to Know about Cash App Glitter Card



Cash App Glitter Card

Cash App recently unveiled a brand-new, shiny debit card. Literally. The Cash App Glitter Card is this one.

Cash App, which is most known for its money-transfer app, has added free tax software and a high-yield savings account to its list of financial services. The Glitter Card, the newest product from the payment app company, is a Visa® debit card that can be customized and offers the same benefits as Cash App cards, such as instant discounts and direct deposit paychecks up to two days early.

But is this new card really worth the hype once the glitter wears off? What you should know about the new Cash App Glitter Card is provided here.

What is the Cash App Glitter Card all about?

A prepaid debit card that links to your Cash App balance is the Cash App Glitter Card. Its physical card might attract your attention, but you can also add it to your phone’s or watch’s digital wallet. Sutton Bank is the issuer, and it is accepted everywhere Visa is accepted.

Here are some of this debit card’s main characteristics:

A bank account is not required

You will need a Cash App account, but the Glitter Card does not require a linked bank account.

You can round up your card purchases to the closest dollar if you have a Cash App Savings account, and the difference will be transferred to your linked savings account.

Your card must be funded

By setting up direct deposits, you can load your card with money that is available as soon as it is received. Alternatively, for more options for cash transfers, link an external bank account using the Cash App app.

Additionally, you can deposit cash at participating stores; however, there is a $1 fee for each transaction.

ATMs accept it for use. Within the Cash App ATM network, fee-free ATMs are available to you, but only if you receive direct deposits totaling no less than $300 per month.

Use the card to receive instant discounts

You can also save money by using the Glitter Card’s instant discounts. Offers for eateries, retailers, and coffee shops can be activated in the Cash App app.

There aren’t many fees

There are no fees associated with using the Glitter Card’s debit card or transferring funds between Cash App accounts. However, it charges $1 for each deposit transaction, as previously mentioned.

Your financial information is secure

Card locking, data encryption, instant transactions, and fraud alerts are among the card’s security features to help guarantee your money is safe. Through the partner banks of Cash App, your funds are additionally FDIC insured.

Additionally, if you use the Cash App, you may already be familiar with the shareable URL that can be automatically created using the customizable $cashtag, allowing friends and family to securely and privately send you money.

The Cash App Glitter Card: Is it worth it?

If you already use Cash App, you might find the Cash App Glitter Card to be a fun alternative. You can better control your spending by using the Glitter Card in conjunction with Cash App’s high-yield savings account, or by investigating stock or bitcoin investing. Additionally, you might be able to prevent overspending by using a debit card rather than a credit card. However, compare the top online banks that provide more services and fantastic benefits if you’re searching for more extensive banking options, such as earning interest on your account to help your money grow.

Think about these alternatives for the Cash App Glitter Card

The benefits of having a free online checking account might exceed the satisfaction of having a shiny, personalized debit card, even though the experience of customizing your actual card might not be as enjoyable. Make sure a Cash App Glitter Card is the right choice for you by looking through the following checking accounts with debit cards and comparing new account bonuses or annual percentage yields, or APYs, offered.

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