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Tips for Overseas Students for Acing Written Assignments



Tips for Overseas Students for Acing Written Assignments

Writing assignments can be easy when you know the basics and the important factors for drafting. For students, if you know these tips and tricks, it’s easy to write an attractive piece no matter where in the world you are. 

We are here to introduce you to such tips that will help you draft the best work without giving it much thought.

Let’s dig in!

1. Create an Outline 

Make sure that you draft the main points before starting to write. It’s easy to move forward with your writing in this way. 

If you plan your assignment – what all you’ll include in the body and how will you be concluding your assignment, you will be able to get more clarity of thoughts. 

This will ensure that your assignments are never vague and give the readers a proper understanding of your views and ideas. 

2. Introduction Paragraph 

As a famous quote by Stephen King goes, “The scariest moment is always just before you start.”

Of course, starting to write your essay or the assignment is the toughest part. You need to write an introduction that intrigues the reader, giving some snippets of what the rest of the write-up contains. 

It should be really attractive and engrossing enough to hold the reader’s attention so that they move ahead and read the other important parts. If you lose interest in the beginning, the rest of your work goes in vain. 

2. Research 

When it comes to writing a project, or anything else researching your topic and related information is important too. You must enquire about what you are writing and support your text with facts.

Even if you are writing an essay, you may land at a point where you can relate your situation to some famous real-life situation to make a greater impact

Devote ample time to research your topic. Use reliable resources like reference books, websites, journals, etc. Learn the art of speed reading to become more efficient in your research. 

Hence, researching is an important factor while you’re looking to write a good assignment. 

3. Learning and Using New Words

If you ever read something where some words come up, again and again, it may seem like maybe it’s not worth your time, right?

If you are repetitive with your sentences or words, it becomes too boring and redundant for the readers. But if you come up with well-framed sentences and apt words, it’ll increase the reader’s excitement. 

These things portray that the writer has a deep understanding of what he’s writing and has made an effort to describe it properly. 

So, ignore using similar words, use synonyms and learn various words from your dictionary. The more you learn, the more you grow!

If language is a problem for you, take help from resources like Writers Per Hour to get your assignment drafted by experts. 

4. Maintain the Flow

When writing assignments, one should also never forget the “FLOW”!

If your points and paragraphs are connected, the write-up will make perfect sense to the readers. Otherwise, it becomes difficult for the readers to relate two things that come randomly one after the other. 

Hence, make sure the information you present in one paragraph leads up to what you’re writing in the next one. 


You should also have a good understanding of what you are going to write. Take cues from good writers. 

In any case, writing a good assignment and getting the best marks is not impossible for overseas students. We hope you’re clear with the tips we’ve shared and these will help you in your future writings. 

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