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US Army Birthday – Everything You Need to Know, History, Significance, Traditions, and How to Celebrate



Happy 247th US Army Birthday

Join the celebration of the U.S. Army Birthday on June 14 as we recollect its creation in 1775. The army initially comprised of volunteer soldiers with roots in the Continental Army — and was shaped to battle the Revolutionary War. Today, as the biggest part of the U.S. military, the proud men and women of the U.S. Army keep on giving harmony and security to us all.


Happy birthday to the U.S. Army on June 14! Which got going as generally a volunteer service, and has developed into a force to be reckoned with. In 2022, the US is celebrating the 247th US Army Birthday.

Army Birthday History

The U.S. Army is 247 years old, and then some. That is a LOT of birthday candles! The yearly celebration denotes the date in history in 1775 when the Continental Army has framed by constantly Continental Congress and directed under General George Washington to battle against Britain.

Obviously, the U.S. Army wasn’t generally the most grounded military in the world as it is today. The first ‘army’ was framed by volunteer soldiers, amateur troops, and minutemen, who just had the passion and dedication to guard their territory against the British. As a matter of fact, military powers existed in the United States before the country even formally existed. Independent colonial armies commanded inexperienced militia.

The Revolutionary War began in America on April 19, 1775, with trades of musketry between Massachusetts militiamen and British regulars at Lexington and Concord. As soldiers were cautioned in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire, they answered the alarm, and a state of war was in the air between the British government and the four settlements.

Called the Army of Observation, a force of New Englanders encompassed Boston and had the British troops who were involved in it under siege, however, they required help. Delegate agents of each of the 13 colonies were drawn closer and mentioned to go along with them in the fight for American freedom.

Whenever the Continental Army delegates assembled on May 10 in Philadelphia, they discovered that British forts at Ticonderoga and Crown Point on Lake Champlain in New York were caught by outfitted men led by Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen.

The circumstance immediately transformed into an emergency, as the military coup need to be addressed if the desired reconciliation was to happen. The following step was taken by Congress, which in the end changed the little revolution into a full war for independence. The foundation of the Continental Army brought about the U.S. Army that we know today.

Some time ago there were never in excess of 48,000 Continental soldiers. Today, the United States Army boasts over one million soldiers on duty, with 800,000 extra Reserve and National Guard members.

The strength of the U.S. Army and its set of history is a testimony to how fundamental the military is in peacekeeping. Appreciation is communicated tremendously on the Army’s Birthday with events and ceremonies.

Why Army Birthday is Important

It celebrates those willing to make the ultimate sacrifice

Celebrating the Army Birthday honors those Americans in uniform who serve their country in the midst of war and harmony.

It recognizes both past and present members

The Army has had more than 57 million service individuals in its set history— including over 1.2 million dynamic service individuals and over 800,000 reserves.

It recognizes every single American veteran

There were around 20.4 million living U.S. veterans in 2016, as per data from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Recognizing the Army Birthday celebrates America’s military members.

Army Birthday Traditions

There are numerous yearly traditions and ceremonies that honor the past and salute the endeavors of the U.S. Army. The sacrifices of soldiers who put their lives at risk to safeguard the country are recognized and once again ordered in schools, and a few nearby theaters.

Cake cutting ceremonies are hosted at both Capitol Hill and the Pentagon, a tradition that has been honored over the long haul. An Army saber is utilized for cutting the cake by the highest and lowest ranking officials. This is to firmly establish the teamwork and brotherhood of the Army. The cake cutting tradition is a pleasant one, with the cake cutters getting extra energetic — broken tables and it is normal to fly icing.

It is likewise tradition to show the world how strong the U.S. Army is. Development runs occur all over the world, with units conveying their colors on parade fields at first light prior to starting work for the afternoon.

How to Celebrate Army Birthday

  • Host a party

The Army Birthday is a celebration! Appreciate food and beverages with family and friends and honor the men and women who have served America.

  • Learn the story of the Unknown Soldier.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, in Arlington, Virginia, is one of the most well-known monuments in the U.S. Find out about its set of history and honor its significance.

  • Just say “hello”

You could know a couple of the 20.4 million living U.S. veterans. Regardless of whether you, make a move to search out a veteran and offer gratitude for their service.

5 Interesting Army Facts

  1. The Army is older than the country it serves

The Army was initially formed to fight the Revolutionary War.

  1. The Army is significantly greater than you suspect

In the event that the Army were a city, it would be the tenth biggest in the nation. A little more than 1 million soldiers are as of now serving in the Army.

  1. More presidents served in the Army than any other military branch

Of the 45 men who have filled in as president, 31 had military service. Two dozen of them served in the Army, or in-state militias (our modern-day National Guard).

  1. The Army possesses sufficient land to be a country

Soldiers serve at 158 establishments all over the world, covering around 24,000 square miles. In the event that it was an express, The Army would be bigger than Hawaii and Massachusetts joined.

  1. The Army is America’s second-biggest employer

The Army keeps up with more than 1 million active-duty and reserve soldiers. Just Walmart, with 2.2 million employees, is bigger.

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