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Waheed Al Marzooqi, a cyber expert entrepreneur from UAE aiming towards a cyber-safe world



Waheed Al Marzooqi

Digitalization at every move, the world now is to embrace the benefits and threats out of it. Moving businesses online is nowadays trending as well as people are left with no choice due to current situations. Businesses are operating and growing through online portals which have created a situation where cybercrimes are more likely to take place. To counter-effect the rising situations and ensure the safety of business data, businesses are required to consult a cyber expert. Thinking of being cyber safe in this digital world, meet Waheed Al Marzooqi a cyber expert leading to the path of success with his remarkable skills.

Waheed Al Marzooqi was born on 19th August 1989 in the United Arab Emirates. Waheed Al Marzooqi crafted his passion and skills in the cyber world by kick-starting his career with cases of electronic extortion and theft of electronic accounts in 2006. Waheed Al Marzooqi made tremendous efforts in keeping his country the United Arab Emirates, free from all the exterior risks aiming further for a cyber-safe world.

Waheed Al Marzooqi reached the heights of success in the industry by moulding his skills with changes in the cyber industry and staying updated with emerging trends. Waheed Al Marzooqi believes in staying a step ahead by keenly observing the movements in the field and the hacking community around the globe. Waheed Al Marzooqi strengthened his knowledge and skills by sharing it on social media. Waheed Al Marzooqi’s problem-solving skills made him aware of potential threats to the country and hence is known as one of the notable security experts in the United Arab Emirates.

Working with famous personalities and artists, Waheed Al Marzooqi created his stake in the cybersecurity world among the Gulf countries also. Waheed Al Marzooqi has procured many international certificates like Criminal Evidence Certificate, Certified Institutional Trainer Certificate, Business Administration Certificate, Financial and administrative corruption expert testimony, Firearms Handling Certificate and the list goes on and on as his success does.

With success and proven skills, Waheed Al Marzooqi became the CEO of Technical Support Company offering security services to websites and electronic calculations. Adding to his skills and knowledge, Waheed Al Marzouqi’s kindness is adding to his fame. Waheed Al Marzooqi is known for providing his cyber services free of charge to one who can not afford to have a cyber expert. Waheed Al Marzooqi unique and legal tricks based on Internationally used scientifical methodological foundations lead him towards the top in the field of technology and information security.

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