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What is modeling and who is the model? Explained by Mohammad Rasekh about this



What is modeling and who is the model Explained by Mohammad Rasekh about this

The job of advertising products by the modeling model is called, a common mistake among the people of Iran is to think that modeling is a person if modeling is a job and the model of the person is doing the modeling. Modeling has different branches and everyone enters one of the branches according to their talent, for example, some are just glasses models and some are just clothes models. Modeling is one of the most lucrative and attractive jobs in the world, so much so that today models in Iran have incomes of several million per month, and while enjoying their work, they also earn that income.

Mohammad Rasekh

Who is the model?

Models are people who, in business and the arts, present an ideal representation of their physical condition. Models can play a very effective role in designing and introducing clothing. The activity of models does not end here and by using models, any product and industry can be introduced to others. The modeling industry has not been the way we see it today, and among the first people to appear in the industry as models were athletes and heroes, as well as some politicians and politicians. اند. This trend continued to the point that modeling became a tool for promoting the culture and customs of different societies and countries.

 The role of models in modeling success

Although the line between modeling and acting and pantomime is not clear, these categories are quite different from each other. Models who display companies’ products with a special mood and gesture must have special feelings and emotions to be able to act successfully in presenting products. In the last few decades, the modeling and modeling profession has reached a very high position, and if we say that models have played a very fundamental and important role in achieving this position, we are not wrong.

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