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What To Do With Inherited Jewelry



What To Do With Inherited Jewelry 1

If you are reading this, you are probably trying to figure out what to do with the jewelry pieces you have inherited from someone dear to you. It could be your grandmother’s wedding ring or your great-grandfather’s pocket watch. They all are precious little pieces of memory you shared with them so it is difficult to decide. 

If the person that passed away gifted you the item to pass it on to future generations, you should treasure it till the time comes for your descendants. These items have gained value through time. That pocket watch tells a lot more than just time. It represents your ancestors and how their stories should be important for your children and so on. Also, how incredible is it to have your grandmother’s wedding band as a symbol of love between you and your partner?

However, there are cases of inheriting someone’s possession by being the closest relative. Of course, you appreciate their jewelry pieces, but it’s not something you would wear. It would be locked in a box and forgotten. You feel guilt over not wearing the pieces and honoring the person properly. You could do so many things to pay tribute to the person you loved, someone who would understand and be happy if you used that jewelry for other purposes other than just wearing it. Let’s look at a few options for repurposing your inherited jewelry.

Pass It To Someone Else

If you have someone in your family who would gladly wear it, then give the piece to them. They will appreciate something so valuable and you will be happy it’s worn. Give the jewelry a new shine by having it cleaned and give it to someone you know will take good care of it. This way it stays in the family and waits for new generations in the future.

Donate The Value

Your loved ones would be very proud of you if you use the jewelry into a humanitarian organization. Have your jewelry evaluated by jewelry experts who will get you the best resale value. With the payment, donate to an organization that matters to you or a cause that meant something to the relative you have lost. Instead of having jewelry laying around, this way you give them purpose for something much greater such as helping someone struggling.

Invest In Yourself

So your late grandmother always encouraged your education and growth? Then continue working on yourself to celebrate her. If you need extra cash for an online course you were waiting to enroll for the longest time, then this is the moment. The money you get from selling the inherited jewelry will be more than welcome in your continuous wish to improve. Your grandma would be proud to know she was a part of your life even after passing away.

Fulfill Their Wishes

All of us have dreams of doing something we have never done or are almost impossible to do due to various circumstances. Well, so did your relative who is no longer with you. If they shared things with you regarding their hopes and wishes, maybe you are the one to make them come true. Book that flight to their favorite destination, go to a concert or visit someone they wanted to see for a long time. This is another great way to commemorate their lives and what they meant to you. 

The Takeaway

Carefully go through all the possibilities before deciding. This jewelry may be the only thing you have from your special someone. However, you shouldn’t feel guilty if you use it for something important to you. Discuss your decision with other people but at the end of the day, you are the one who knew that person the best and what their advice would be. Whatever you do, you will honor them in your way. Physical objects don’t make memories, they just were a part of them. 

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