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What made Perry Muse so resilient?



What made Perry Muse so resilient

Life can test you from the inside out. The survival of the fittest, he who shall withstand all pangs will prevail. At the surface, our man of the hour may seem like an average joe, but underneath that pleasant smile is someone with a heart of iron, a skin thick enough to withstand any hardship trying to penetrate that tough posterior, and an individual who has endured the most demanding times to transform into a proud survivor.

Whether it is surviving being flung off a motorcycle and hitting a telephone pole at 110 MPH or surviving a terminal illness, our author Perry Muse is as resilient as they come.

But what is the secret behind his sheer ability to withstand all danger? Let’s dissect.

The Centaur

At the end of the day, he is only human. Perry Muse describes faith as one of the fundamental factors in keeping himself positive. Being a Sagittarius, Muse relates nuances in his book to his tendencies as the centaur horoscope.

Sagittarius individuals are emotionally strong and level-headed in the face of danger. They cope with the dire issues in life with the utmost positivity and composure. They also tend to use their minds before their hearts and make calculated decisions.

Keep rocking the bow and arrow, Muse!


Perry Muse credits his achievements in life to his upbringing. Having grown up in a women-centric family, he was surrounded by women who were a positive influence in his life. Women inherently tend to be more emotionally stable and resilient in the face of mental stress. In contrast, men would let their testosterone take over and react overtly while being prone to fits of despair.

Perry Muse describes his close relationship and the words of wisdom he shares with his grandmother to be a fundamental part of his life. In a world where patriarchal norms and conditions have been set on women, there will always be your mother, sister, or grandmother, teaching you to “Not talk that way” or “Do not be selfish.”

He describes his wife to be the closest support in times of need. When medications took away Muse’s strength as a man, his wife stood by him like a rock and gave him the confidence that it was okay.

Family truly is the greatest gift one can find.

Being aware

When reading through Perry Muse’s beautifully written memoir, Morbid Thoughts, and the Domino Effect, you can tell that Muse is a man of thought. His analysis and dissection of the situation can help you delve into what he experienced as a man caught in the perfect storm in the middle of the sea and coming out of it alive. The key to being resilient is to know what you are truly capable of. We see Perry Muse pondering his capabilities and personality traits in challenging situations and getting out of there gracefully.

Muse is a testimony to a man who is self-aware.

Smile in the face of danger

Another common feature in Muse’s storytelling is humor. It takes zeal to calmly admit that they had been flung onto a telephone pole at 110MPH during a motorcycle incident, let alone any of the hardships we see Perry Muse face. Hardships that will give you chills down your spine, yet this man went through it all with the million-dollar smile loved by his peers, now cherished by his readers too. Isn’t that inspiring?

Love will set you free.

Lastly, as Perry Muse dedicates his story to his wife, Nila Muse, he describes probably the most critical factor to his resilience… love.

Love can heal; it is the warm blanket in the cold that you yearn for at the end of the day; love is what shall set you free amidst the greatest of perils.

As the book of Corinthian says, “When all is past, what remains is faith, hope, and love.

But the greatest of these is “Love.”

And in this same love, Perry Muse shares his story in hope and faith that every single person suffering from hardship may topple their dominos, homages of odds stacked against them… one by one, piece by piece, as they reach their destination.

In life, we seek inspiration to reach our destination…

Yet we found our Muse.

Thank you, Perry.

Indulge yourself in the memoir of a man who embodies resilience by clicking on the link below.

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