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What Makes Sebastian Beja Stand Out from the Crowd



What Makes Sebastian Beja Stand Out from the Crowd.

What makes you stand out from others in their field?

Being able to simplify really complex things into simple easy to understandable concepts, plus being able to communicate them effectively. 

For example, I’ve taken all of what I’ve learned and experienced from growing the companies that I’ve worked with and distilled it into 2 main factors that go hand-in-hand. First, the inner mental processes are required, and second, the outer-technical skills are needed. 

I believe that bringing together these in a structured step-by-step process these two parts is what we have done successfully and the main reason why our products are transforming our clients positively.

What has surprised you most about running your own business?

Business is more of a spiritual game than anything else. It’s about helping others and adding value to their lives. I’ve realized that I’m in that frame of mind everything just becomes easier, Money, opportunities, growth, etc.

When you’re clear on what you want, who you want to help, what your values are, and what your mission is everything happens a lot quicker than you think it will and with a lot more ease. 

What is your definition of success?

Doing what you enjoy and care about with people that you care about and with a sense of meaning.

Not only that you are elevating yourself, but you’re constantly elevating those around you.

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