What’s It Padma Yoga?

The present day Meditations show is just really actually a healing string comprising healing meditation and yoga remedies such as struggles we face daily. Padma shares years of experience helping millions of men and women undergo and treat from an extensive array of daily conditions.


A joyous, uplifting and enlightening tv show, PADMA™ YOGA enhances personal empowerment and societal health. Guided methods of yoga and meditation, also ancient Eastern intelligence unite to enhance and enlighten every day activity.

Meditation and Meditation aren’t demonstrated as religious techniques, but instead as priceless secular skills for anybody to know, highlighting the technical benefits for the contemporary lifestyle and their demonstrated potency for stressmanagement.


Each incident, Padma guides one through a 4-minute warmup, accompanied closely by a 12-minute tender and meditative yoga arrangement that’s exclusive daily. You’ll feel your body invisibly and invigorated. Padma also supplies a intelligence talk predicated on a”Sanskrit Word of the afternoon ” She tells stories in the years at the Himalayas and applies actual life events into the esoteric wisdom of all ages. This show targets the characteristic of candy joy and joy which life is. Padma knows it can eventually get free of anguish, and also that she supplies wisdom and practices to achieve liberty.

PADMA YOGA: YOGA BLISSFUL LIVING can be a string of amazing tv yoga classes created to calm your nerves and fortify your soul. Padma delivers exceptional yoga, yoga and doctrine built to boost your quality of life and joy from your life. Padma has more than 30 decades of knowledge in meditation and yoga, for example a one-decade complex meditation retreat in the Himalayas of India, where she has been devote her period each year. She’s licensed to instruct Meditation, Higher Level Yogic Studies and Hatha Yoga at the International Meditation Institute of India.


Padma Yoga combines amazing yoga together with spiritual wisdom. See The Elemental collection and combine Padma along with her friends every day for beautiful, tender classical hatha yoga and helpful meditations and breathwork. Begin off your day right or require a necessary break in mid afternoon. Padma presents an everyday’Sanskrit Word of the afternoon’ and investigates these vital words of yogic doctrine can inspire our everyday lifestyles in addition to our yoga training.

There are amazing Sanskrit Chants with guest singer Joelle Lazar, and also guests that combines Padma for discussions of yoga and meditation incorporate in our everyday daily lives. The curative challenges at the show are all grouped into five topics: Physical, Emotional, Focus, Mental and Social.

The show presents viewpoints from the standard South Asian Vedic heritage, combining them together with Zen Buddhism, also adds pleasure yoga exercises, easy energy, and zesty conversations to get a yearlong health program never to be overlooked.

It covers the entire overall system, the mind and the soul of each audience. Timetested tactics and Eastern psychology, metaphysics, philosophy and lots of exemplary life style tricks interact to construct an everyday routine that provides strength, a joyful soul and clear thinking.

Even the PADMA™ YOGA series superbly provides yoga, healing breath-work, simple meditations and spiritual wisdom for living.

In three various string, Blissful Living, The Elemental collection along with Modern Meditations, Padma masterfully translates classic wisdom to modern speech, which makes complex oriental knowledge accessible and highly relevant to western civilization, helping people build health insurance and serene strength in today’s and lively world. See below to find out further info on every show and the existing broadcast program.


Padma can be an educated instructor and a few of Canada’s most admired and favorite instructors of yoga, meditation along with self-realization. Padma is additionally the tv producer and host of all 143 episodes of this Padma Yoga tv show aired around Canada as 2003, also it has produced 1-2 DVDs of her job. She’s instructed yoga and meditation to alist Hollywood celebrities as 2000, has established a first Meditation training curriculum, also recently established the Padma Meditation Teacher training curriculum.

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