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Where Can You Get The Best Penthouses In Dubai?



Dubai penthouses

What’s the best way to enjoy Dubai and its skylines? Of course, it is enjoying the view inside one of the luxurious penthouses in the city. You can enjoy the jaw-dropping view of Dubai in all its glory. Besides, owning a penthouse has some royalty to it, adding the resale-ability of the property.

If you’re planning to purchase your penthouse in Dubai, you might want to know the different options available. Certain areas in the city offer the best penthouses with the best prices. Whether you like to live in the heart of the city or stay near a shoreline, here are the best areas to choose your penthouse. 

1.    Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is considered the most popular area for Dubai penthouses seekers. This area attracts people who like the stylish interior as well as sophisticated architecture. In fact, Dubai Marina is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Dubai. You can also find the most aesthetic and luxurious skyscrapers and penthouses. 

The Dubai Marina area is the first choice if you want a highly-urbanized life that is full of opportunities. Most of the penthouses here can accommodate more than five people. Be prepared to take the plunge, as the cost of living and properties in this area is very high. 

2.    Palm Jumeirah

If people are not property-hunting in Dubai Marina, they might be looking for alternatives in Palm Jumeirah. As one of the largest human-made islands on the planet, Palm Jumeirah is also an active market for real estate properties. Although the most popular properties in this area are villas and apartments, they also offer luxurious penthouses, both for sale and for rent. Most penthouses, just like in Dubai Marina, can accommodate five or more people, perfect for families or groups of friends. Although not as expensive as Dubai Marina, you might still want to prepare for this rent or purchase ahead.

3.    Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is the home of one of the tallest buildings in the world: the BurjKhalifa. Although BurjKhalifa is the most recognizable building in the area, other skyscrapers are also in the area. And most of these skyscrapers are housing luxury penthouses. Although not as big as popular as the two previous entries in the list, Downtown Dubai still offers great penthouses for those who are interested in owning one. Pricing for properties is not that high, but still not that for the faint-hearted. 

4.    Al Bateen 

Al Bateen is a project which is under the management of Bloom properties. Most of the area is comprised of residential buildings and apartments. But among these residential flats are penthouses that can accommodate 4-5 bedrooms with great amenities and has more space for less the price. What makes this area worth it is its proximity to a nearby beach. If you want to experience nature, culture, sports, and overall fun activities at night, Al Bateen and the Al Bateen Tower is a great choice.

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