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Who Are Fare Evasion Solicitors London?



Who Are Fare Evasion Solicitors London

Before you know who are fare evasion solicitors London, you should first learn what fare evasion means. In addition to this information, you can learn a lot here:

Fare Evasion – What is it?

You are evading fare when you board public transportation in the UK with the intent to travel free. You deliberately avoid buying a ticket for either a part or the entire journey. This is considered a criminal activity in the UK. For this activity, you might be levied a simple penalty fare. Otherwise, you might be prosecuted in the court. This decision is made based on the severity of your evasion. Thankfully, Fare Evasion Solicitors London can help you safely get out of this case.

Examples of Fare Evasion

Transport for London or TFL has a strict prosecution policy when it comes to evading fare. There are instances of people being summoned for evading fare as little as £1.50. Here are a few examples of fare evasion:

  • A person uses the Oyster Card of another person to get the benefit of free travel or lesser fare travel.
  • Travelling with a ticket that does not cover the entire trip
  • Simply travelling without a valid ticket
  • Not tapping in

What Can Fare Evasion Solicitors London Do to You?

When you are caught for evading fare, you need not have to worry. You can call Fare Evasion Solicitors London. Make sure to choose solicitors with extensive experience in this domain. Also, it is better to choose a solicitor with consistent success in settling fare evasion matters out of the court. In turn, a criminal record will be avoided in your name. You can expect the solicitors to offer:

  • Advice and consultation
  • Guidance in offering supporting documents
  • Writing a representation letter offering to settle out of the court. In turn, they can help you safeguard from prosecuted.

Let us consider that you are called for an interview about fare evasion. In this case, it is better to have a defence solicitor by your side. This professional can negotiate on your behalf. In turn, you can get to settle the matter out of the court.

In What Instances You Might Be Charged for Fare Evasion?

You might be accused of fare evasion in the following cases:

  • When you travel in the first-class carriage with a standard ticket
  • When you travel further than the place for which you have a valid ticket
  • When you pass through a ticket barrier without paying
  • Using the oyster card of some other person for some other purpose. Examples include using a Freedom Pass or Student Oyster Card of another person.

When you are accused, it is better to start looking for a fare evasion solicitor without any further delay.

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