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Why and How is Abai Day Celebrated in Kazakhstan?



Why and How is Abai Day Celebrated in Kazakhstan

Ibrahim (Abai) Qunanbaiuly (10 August 1845 – 6 July 1904) was a Kazakh poet, composer, and Hanafi Maturidi theologian and philosopher. He was likewise a cultural reformer towards European and Russian cultures based on enlightened Islam. His name is likewise transliterated as Abay Kunanbayev (Абай Кунанбаев); among Kazakhs, he is known as Abai.

KARAGANDA. KAZINFORM Karaganda region celebrates the 177th anniversary of Abai. His birthday, August 10, is seen in Kazakhstan as a holiday, Kazinform reports.

The flowers were laid at the incredible thinker’s monument. Governor of the region Zhenis Kassymbek, cultural workers, scientists, and public figures took part in the solemn ceremony.

As stated there, Abai is the pride and philosophy of today and what’s to come. Abai is a gifted poet and musician, enlightener, and public figure. His Words of Wisdom turned into the pearl of Kazakh literature and a source of endless wisdom.

Today is one of the best holidays for the entire Kazakh individuals, the day of the wisdom of incredible Abai.

On the Day of Abai, the region held exhibitions, online lessons, roundtables, poetry contests, scientific and practical conferences, and so forth 3 monuments to Abai and 4 busts were revealed in the region. The city, district, 2 rural districts, 3 avenues, 80 streets, 7 cultural educations, and 2 culture houses are named after Abai.

Ibrahim Kunanbayev was brought into the world on August 10, 1845, in the city of Semey (then – Semipalatinsk) in the family of an enormous buoy having a place with local nobility. His grandfather and great-grandfather dominated their family as rulers and judges. The nickname Abai, signifying “attentive” or “careful,” young Ibrahim got from his grandmother Zere.

As a child, Abai Kunanbayev got a home education. From that point forward, he at the same time studied at the madrasah, where they showed Oriental languages, and at the Russian school. Around then, he became acquainted not just with poets and scholars of the East, yet in addition with the work of Russian writers and Western European literature. Towards the finish of his studies, Abai composed his most memorable poems.

By tradition, Abai was to turn into the head of the clan, however, at 28 years old he created some distance from this, taking up self-education. A critical event for Abai was communication with political exiles who were carrying out their punishments in Semipalatinsk. It is additionally realized that Abai Kunanbayev added to the spread of Russian and European culture among the Kazakhs.

During the 1880s verses by Abai Kunanbayev show up. He engaged in translations of poems by I.A. Krylova, A.S. Pushkin, Johann Goethe, and George Byron. In this way, in 1780, Goethe composed his “Night Song of the Wanderer,” which 60 years after the fact was translated by Lermontov. This verse was made and translated by Abai Kunanbayev into the Kazakh language, after which it turned into a folk song”Mountains doze in the dark night.”

Abai Kunanbayev was an innovator of Kazakh poetry. He brought new dimensions and rhymes into Kazakh versification. He made around 170 poems and 56 translations. The most well-known work of Abai is thought of as the “Book of words” or “Words of edification.” The poem incorporates 45 brief parables and philosophical treatises, which raise the issues of education and national outlook, morality, and law.

Abai Kunanbayev died  on July 6, 1904. Obviously, he incredibly affected the Kazakh national culture of the late XIX – early XX centuries. For instance, the literary magazine “Abai” in Kazakh and Russian languages, published in Semipalatinsk from February to November 1918, got its name to honor the extraordinary poet and philosopher.

The life way of Abai and his legacy were deeply studied by the historian and writer  Mukhtar Auezov, who wrote his primary work – the novel “The Way of Abai”.

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