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Why Financial Inclusion is Important to Black Banx CEO



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Financial inclusion is essential for building stronger economies, transforming lives, and bridging the gap to prosperity. Safe and affordable financial services are essential for enabling people to meet basic needs, and while access to financial services has grown in the last decade, the World Bank reported that almost one-and-half billion people globally remain unbanked, meaning they don’t have an account at a formal financial institution.

Even with the increasing availability of fintech, there may be barriers that prevent people from being able to make use of them. Innovation and inclusive design must better coincide with policymaking to ensure people and small businesses can benefit from such services.

For Michael Gastauer, CEO of Black Banx, this has been the mission of the company since he founded it in 2014. He continues to helm the company as it works to break down the traditional barriers that have prevented millions from accessing essential financial services. In 2023 alone, Black Banx reached a monumental 39 million customers, demonstrating a significant impact on global financial accessibility.

Understanding Financial Inclusion

At its core, financial inclusion involves making financial products and services accessible at affordable costs to all individuals and businesses. This is crucial in avoiding financial exploitation but also in fostering economic empowerment. According to an analysis by World Finance, with the rise of digital banking and fintech, traditional banking is being transformed to include more people from diverse backgrounds, helping to democratize financial opportunities and promote global economic fairness. This transition has been significantly catalyzed by fintech innovations, which saw a 109% increase in revenue in 2023 for Black Banx, highlighting the fiscal success behind inclusive strategies.

The Inclusion Challenges

Digital financial inclusion, involves using digital means to grant the underserved access to financial services, which empowers them economically. However, this comes with challenges like lack of infrastructure, financial illiteracy, and regulatory barriers which often leave many behind especially in rural and remote areas.

Gastauer and Black Banx make a significant effort to combat these issues by enabling online account setups that require minimal identification, circumventing the need for formal banking prerequisites which prevent many in impoverished regions from obtaining financial services. In regions like Africa and Latin America, where these barriers are most prevalent, Black Banx has tailored its services to fit local needs effectively.

Technology as a Driver of Inclusion

Black Banx leverages advanced technology to facilitate its financial inclusion goals. The incorporation of blockchain for secure, transparent transactions and AI to tailor services to individual needs positions Black Banx not only at the forefront of fintech innovation but also as a proactive contributor to financial inclusion. As fintech platforms evolve, the opportunities for inclusion broaden, allowing services to be more personalized and accessible.

This evolution is crucial in regions where traditional banking has failed to address the needs of the population, regions of which Gastauer continues to pay close attention to and have Black Banx establish a significant presence in. Through its technology-driven approach, Black Banx’s has enjoyed an increase in its customer base (95% in 2023 alone), showcasing significant progress towards inclusivity.

Expanding Through Innovation

Black Banx doesn’t stop at making banking available; it ensures it’s usable and beneficial. For example, the company’s multi-currency accounts and instant global funds transfer facilities speak directly to the needs of people in countries with less stable currencies or those needing to send money abroad efficiently and cheaply.

The company also expanded its service offerings in 2023 to include USDT, enhancing options for cryptocurrency users and aligning with modern financial trends. This proactive innovation addresses the diverse needs of its global customer base, fostering greater financial inclusivity.

Black Banx’s Global Impact

From offering accounts in 28 FIAT and multiple cryptocurrencies to its real-time currency exchange, Black Banx has tailored its offerings to meet a broad spectrum of needs, which has significantly boosted its customer base. This approach has proven effective as the company’s expansion into markets like China and Japan, where there is a high demand for inclusive financial services, has been met with great success. In 2023, Black Banx’s expansions were particularly impactful in the MEA and APAC regions, driving a 21% increase in new clients in the fourth quarter alone.

Bridging Economic Disparities

Financial literacy remains a cornerstone of financial inclusion efforts. Black Banx invests in educational initiatives to ensure users not only access services but also understand how to use them effectively. This commitment extends beyond simple banking services to include investing and managing digital assets, areas where understanding is crucial for making informed decisions that align with one’s financial goals. These educational initiatives are vital in regions with low financial literacy, helping to elevate the financial well-being of entire communities.

Future Directions and Continued Commitment

Looking ahead, Black Banx plans to extend its innovative banking model to more regions, including potentially the U.S. market. Each step forward is guided by Gastauer’s vision of a world where financial tools are not just available but are also tools for empowerment and progress. Plans to acquire a federal bank in California are underway, which will serve as a strategic move to tap into the lucrative North American market, furthering the company’s mission of global financial inclusion.

It is evident that Black Banx, under Michael Gastauer’s leadership, is more than just a digital banking platform; it’s a catalyst for change in the financial world. By addressing key issues of access, usability, and understanding, Black Banx not only expands its market but also contributes to a more financially inclusive world. As it moves further into the digital age, the efforts of companies like Black Banx will increasingly become benchmarks for success in financial inclusion, defining the role of fintech in creating a balanced and inclusive economic landscape.

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