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Woolworths will stop selling its 15cent plastic reusable bags before the ban comes into effect in July



Woolworths will stop selling its 15cent plastic reusable bags before the ban comes into effect in July

Woolworths will stop selling its 15cent reusable plastic bags across all stores in Western Australia. The supermarket giant might be offering its paper, green fabric, and Bag for Good options when a statewide ban on plastic bags comes into effect from July.

Woolworths is eliminating its 15-cent plastic shopping bags from stores in Western Australia as the supermarket giant gets ready for new state legislation that bans single-use plastics.

From July 1 this year, West Australian businesses can never again supply any plastic shopping bag with handles, disposable straws or stirrers, plastic cutlery or plates, or even polystyrene takeaway containers.

Woolworths said it intends to have its stores in the state “gradually run down” stock of reusable plastic bags and will expand its supply of Australian-made paper shopping bags in store.

From July these paper bags will become the entry option for all clients in WA who don’t bring their own bags for groceries. Woolworths state General Manager for WA Karl Weber said the supermarket was locally available with the boycott.

“Over the next month, we’ll be gradually phasing out plastic shopping bags from our stores and online orders across WA, as we move to support the WA Government’s upcoming plastic bag ban,” Woolworths state general manager Karl Weber said.

“This change will see more than 30 million plastic bags removed from circulation in WA every year — which is a big win for the health of our oceans and waterways. While our paper bags will continue to be available, the most sustainable bag you can use is the reusable one you bring from home.”

More than 80% of shoppers are carrying their own bags into the supermarkets – meaning the latest change will affect few customers.

“The vast majority of our customers already bring their own reusable bags to shop, which is the very best outcome for the environment, and we encourage customers to keep up the great work,” Mr. Weber said.

“We know the change brought about by this new WA legislation may be an adjustment for some customers and we thank them in advance for their support as we all work together to grow greener.”

Customers will be helped to remember the approaching change by in-store advertisements.

Environment minister Reece Whitby said the state was leading the way on banning single-use plastics across Australia.

“Western Australia has a strong track record on reducing single-use plastics in the environment, and was named the top jurisdiction in the country two years in a row by WWF Australia, for the work that is being done,” he said. “The WA community has shown overwhelming support for this — and I would like to thank everyone, including Woolworths, who have embraced these important changes.”

When the boycott is in place, customers in WA will have three bag options they can buy in-store: paper bags for 20 cents, Woolworths’ fabric green “Bag for Good ” for 99 cents, or a foldable bag for 99 cents.

Woolworths was the first national supermarket to eliminate single-use plastic shopping bags in 2018, presenting its 15-cent reusable plastic shopping bags, followed by the expansion of a paper shopping bag to Woolworths’ range in 2020.

The paper bag can cost 20c and will carry up to 6kgs of groceries. Woolworths was the first supermarket to ditch single-use plastic bags in 2018. The reusable plastic bag was presented for 15 cents and was sold as a less expensive option in contrast to its 99c fabric bags.

Plastic items will be prohibited in two stages across Western Australia.

  1. The first stage incorporates banning thick plastic bags, plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, stirrers, straws, takeaway polystyrene food containers, and helium balloon releases. The action was presented in January yet will be implemented from July 1.
  1. The second stage will boycott thin plastic produce bags, cotton buds with plastic shafts, polystyrene packaging, microbeads, oxo‑degradable plastics, takeaway coffee cups and tops, and polystyrene cups.

The change will become effective before the finish of 2022.

Businesses dismissing the boycott risk heavy fines of up to $5,000. Plastic coffee cups and lids produce bags, specific types of cotton buds, polystyrene packages, and microbeads that are banned from the finish of this current year.

From July 1, 2022, WA businesses can no longer supply:

  • Any plastic shopping bag with handles
  • Paper shopping bags with plastic laminate
  • Disposable plastic straws and stirrers
  • Disposable plastic cutlery
  • Disposable plastic plates
  • Disposable plastic bowls without lids
  • Disposable plastic food containers without lids
  • Expanded polystyrene food containers and trays

From October 1, 2022, WA businesses can no longer supply:

  • Disposable plastic cups for cold drinks

Today, more than 80% of Woolworths customers in WA carry their own bags to shop, representing a huge change in customer habits in recent years. A mega partnership with local manufacturer Detpak will support the production of paper bags, which can hold up to 6 kgs in weight.


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