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Western Australian Woolworths will utilize ships to supply stores amid supply chain shortages



Western Australian Woolworths will utilize ships to supply stores amid supply chain shortages

Woolworths is utilizing ships to get deliveries to Western Australia in the wake of ongoing supply shortages.

It is the first time in decades the supermarket giant will make shipping deliveries.

It comes after outrageous flooding harmed a 300-kilometer stretch of rail track on the Nullarbor.

This has caused broad rail disturbances, meaning Woolworths has been not able to deliver supplies to stores through freight.

“We’re not the sole users of that rail line there will be quite a few vendors using it, food will be prioritized, but we will be in the queue like everyone else,” Woolworths spokesperson Karl Weber said.

Supplies will presently be going to Western Australian stores through a ship including pallets of cereal, pantry essentials, canned food, napkins, and toilet paper, beverages, and laundry and cleaning supplies.

Generally, by rail, pallets would require five days to arrive from Sydney to Perth.

Notwithstanding, via sea, it’s relied upon to require 10 days.

“We have 107 stores in Western Australia, so based on sales it will share to all the stores, so when the stock arrives depending on how the store trades we will send that stock to them,” Mr Weber said.

The emergency has seen numerous grocery shelves stripped exposed.

In the interim, Woolworths has likewise presented purchasing limits on specific products including clients simply ready to purchase two parcels of flour, sugar, rice, pasta, eggs, paper towels, frozen fruit and vegetables, and frozen chips.

Coles said it’s likewise shipping many containers from Sydney and Melbourne.

Woolworths predicts it very well may be the finish of March before supplies are back to ordinary.


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