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How StocksToTrade is Closing the Information Gap in Stock Trading




Many people want to get into trading stocks, and why not? It is a fairly straightforward way to grow capital and can be done from anywhere. 

Every New Year, a common resolution among people is to improve their finances and trading stock is one of the ways to do so. 

But one thing that stops people from getting started on their stock trading journey is a lack of knowledge. 

What stocks should they start with? How much should they buy? How closely do they need to watch the markets? All these and more discourage people from trading stocks or force them to hire a hedge fund to do it for them.

Now, new platforms are emerging that empower traders by closing this gap of knowledge, one of which is

How StocksToTrade Works

As its name implies, StocksToTrade helps traders learn and navigate the market with much more ease. How it works is that it does automatic scans of the market and simplifies the variables for the user.

Oftentimes, stock scanners found elsewhere rely on only historical data.  With StocksToTrade, all of their scanners are powered by real-time data so that users have an up-to-date look at  stocks that meet their specified criteria.
And, rather than seeing a collection of random numbers and words, the data is presented as easy-to-understand text that anyone can work with.

The idea behind StocksToTrade, which is developed by traders themselves, is that speed is of the essence when trading stocks and as such, the information that traders need to make a decision has to be given as quickly and as efficiently as possible and this is done in a number of ways. 

First, each stock comes with its most vital information already attached, including news catalysts, SEC filings, company intel, recent developments, and even twitter sentiment. This way, users don’t have to manually search out information before deciding whether or not to invest in the stock.

There is also a mechanism to filter through the over 19,000 stocks that the platform lists. This can be done by digitally adopting a trading strategy that filters through stocks to pick the ones that meet the criteria using real-time data.  

Watchlists can also be created to notify users of new stock opportunities. Alternatively, they can choose to follow the trading strategy of successful traders.

Finally, StocksToTrade has even built a proprietary algothim-based scanner  they call ORACLE that analyzes thousands of market movements before the market opens and highlights the top 20 stocks that are likely make gains and within which range the price may rise and fall. This saves users hours of research and allows them to make their decisions on the spot.

There is also an emphasis on the real-time social media conversations happening about a topic with the option to filter Twitter conversations for specific filters to track the real-time discussion. In the last few years, social media has been a huge driver of action in the trading world, as evidenced by the Gamestop saga of 2021.

StocksToTrade is making sure that users do not have to manually filter out these conversations and sort through hundreds of entries and can instead, have an algorithm do this for them.

In a World of Data 

With a resource like StocksToTrade, the knowledge gap between expert hedge funds and the everyday person on the internet is closed significantly. People do not have to sort through hours of materials and can instead, have all they need at their fingertips. 

The events of the Gamestop saga have shown what the trading community can do with the right access, information, and resources. StocksToTrade is ensuring that one crucial part of this equation is met. 

For anyone looking to get into trading, whether as a hobby or a side career, as a pro or as a newbie with limited experience, StocksToTrade will prove invaluable. 

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