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Working professionals Need to Have a Healthy Lifestyle! 



Ritika Gulati Dietitian Chandigarh

Today, the majority of us are leading a sedentary lifestyle, and the major reason for that is our sitting jobs. Sedentary lifestyle slowly and gradually affect our lives adversely. Since the issue is the most prevailing these days and most of us are already affected by, so we thought to speak to an expert and get some insight. 

Well, our today’s expert is, Ritika Gulati, she is one of the leading Lifestyle Fitness & Nutrition Experts in the country from Chandigarh. She has immense experience in the field, as she has dealt with clients from age group of 5 to 75. 

While speaking about the working professionals and their lifestyle, Ritika said, “Sitting jobs are ‘the new smoking’”. She further said, “Highly sedentary lifestyle can lead to many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, among other serious health problems. Having a healthy lifestyle can help working professionals handle these issues.” 

Ritika further added, “Sitting at a desk for a whole day can even contribute to tightness in the lower body regions such as hips and legs, in addition to neck, shoulder and back pain and discomfort. Also, it contributes to unhealthy posture. A lot of very negative physical reactions start to take place when the body is not in movement. Therefore, it is crucial that one indulge in a healthy lifestyle and eating patterns.”

She says that people these days eat anything for the sake of eating without realizing that the food that they eat affects their body adversely. Hence, she says that one should indulge in mindful eating and physical activities, like yoga, gym, swimming, pilates, etc. to live a healthy, happy, long, and blissful life! 

Ritika says working professionals who have long sitting jobs should do office workouts and even stretching at a desk helps a lot. 

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