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World Blood Donor Day – How blood donation affects your health, Benefits of donating blood



World Blood Donor Day Theme

World Blood Donor Day happens on 14 June every year. Donating blood isn’t just a noble act that helps save lives and deal with specific health conditions, yet it likewise accompanies its own arrangement of advantages for the donor’s health. The act of helping other people can decrease stress and improve emotional well-being.

World Blood Donor Day was made to:

  • raise global awareness of the requirement for safe blood and blood products for transfusion;
  • highlight the basic commitment volunteer, overdue blood donors make to national health systems;
  • support national blood transfusion services, blood donor organizations, and other non-governmental organizations in fortifying and extending their volunteer blood donor programs by supporting national and local campaigns.

The day additionally gives a valuable chance to the source of inspiration for governments and national health authorities to give satisfactory assets to expand the collection of blood from voluntary, neglected blood donors and to oversee admittance to blood and the transfusion of those who require it.

Blood and blood products are essential resources for successful administration of women suffering from bleeding associated with pregnancy and childbirth; children suffering from severe anemia due to malaria and malnutrition; inherited disorders of hemoglobin and immune deficiency conditions; victims of trauma, emergencies, disasters, and accidents; as well as patients undergoing advanced medical and surgical procedures.

The requirement for blood is universal, yet admittance to blood for every one of the individuals who need it isn’t. Blood shortages are especially intense in low-and middle-income countries.

To guarantee that each and every individual who needs bonding approaches safe blood, all countries need voluntary, neglected blood donors who give blood consistently. A successful blood donor program, portrayed by wide and dynamic support of the populace, needs blood transfusion during peacetime as well as during emergencies or disasters, when there is a flood popular for blood, or when the typical activity of blood services is impacted.

While empowering social and cultural atmosphere areas of strength works with an improvement of a viable blood donor program, it is likewise widely acknowledged that the act of blood donation adds to creating social ties and building a united community.

Who can donate blood safely?

An ordinary, replicated, non-remunerative, and voluntary blood donation by the male and female healthy donors in the age group of 18-65 years with hemoglobin levels above 12.5 gm percent is viewed as protected, as they go through replicated medical assessment, including tests for security from blood transmittable diseases.

The focal point of the current year’s campaign

World Blood Donor Day theme 2022

For 2022, the World Blood Donor Day theme is “Donating blood is an act of solidarity. Join the effort and save lives” to draw attention to the roles that voluntary blood donations play in saving lives and improving fortitude inside communities.

The particular objectives of the current year’s campaign are to:

  • Thank blood donors on the world and make more extensive public awareness with the requirement for ordinary, unpaid blood donation;
  • Highlight the requirement for committed, all-year blood donation, to keep up with satisfactory supplies and accomplish widespread and opportune admittance to safe blood transfusion;
  • Recognize and promote the values of voluntary unpaid blood donation in enhancing community solidarity and social cohesion;
  • Raise awareness of the requirement for increased investment from governments to build a supportable and resilient national blood system and increase collection from voluntary non-remunerated blood donors.

A specific movement that countries in the world are urged to carry out during the current year’s campaign is to disperse to different media outlets stories of individuals whose lives have been saved through blood donation as an approach to spurring normal blood benefactors to keep giving blood and to motivate individuals healthy who have never given blood to start doing as such.

Different exercises that would assist with advancing the trademark of the current year’s World Blood Donor Day might incorporate donor appreciation ceremonies, social networking campaigns, special media broadcasts, social media posts featuring individual blood donors with the slogan, meetings and workshops, musical and artistic events to thank blood donors and celebrate solidarity, and coloring iconic monuments red.

Your contribution and backing will assist to ensure a greater more noteworthy effect for World Blood Donor Day 2022, increasing recognition worldwide that giving blood is a life-saving act of solidarity and that services providing safe blood and blood products is a fundamental element of each and every health care system. Participation of intrigued accomplices is wanted at all levels to make World Blood Donor Day 2022 a global success.

Benefits of donating blood

Donating blood has benefits for both emotional and physical health, according to Dr. Khurana.

As per a report by the Mental Health Foundation, helping other people can diminish pressure, further develop your emotional well-being, benefit your physical health, help get rid of negative feelings and provide a sense of belonging and reduce isolation.

The other health advantages of donating blood are the following:

• Reduces risk of heart attacks and liver ailment

• Formation of new blood cells

• Reduced risk of hemochromatosis

• Helps maintain weight

• Helps prevent premature aging

• Speeds up the healing process

• Lower cholesterol level

World Blood Donor Day 2022 events

Mexico will have World Blood Donor Day 2022 through its National Blood Center. The global event will be held in Mexico City on 14 June 2022.

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