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World Earth Day 2020: Theme and Digital Celebration during a lockdown



World Earth Day

World Earth Day 2020 will be celebrated digitally on April 22 because of the global COVID-19 lockdown. Also, this year, 2020, is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Under ordinary conditions, individuals around the globe would honor the Earth with Earth Day festivals and Earth Day celebrations. Be that as it may, rather, the coronavirus pandemic has constrained everybody to stay at home. Climate Action is a theme of the day.

And keeping in mind that this pandemic keeps on advising us that our human health is profoundly associated with the health of our environment, it likewise offers us the chance to consider inventive approaches to meet up at home to celebrate Planet Earth.

The coordinators have asked the individuals to celebrate the day with expectation, hopefulness, and activity while empowering safety.

The celebration of this day usually includes going out and spreading awareness which won’t be likely amid the lockdown. In any case, the official webpage has arranged online programs for the individuals who wish to add to the reason.

World Earth Day 2020 will be celebrated everywhere throughout the world to spread awareness for Earth’s wellbeing and to urge individuals to help environmental security. This year would have denoted the 50th anniversary of the Earth day.

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World Earth Day 2020 theme

Every year there is an alternate theme for this day. The current year’s theme of World Earth Day 2020 is Climate Action. Coping with the incredible challenges of climate change, yet also, gigantic opportunities have made this issue the most urgent topic for the 50th anniversary.

Climate change represents the greatest challenge to the eventual fate of mankind and the life-support systems that make our world livable.

On its official website, the coordinators expressed that the brought together activity on climate change has recognized this issue making it the most urgent topic to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

Earth Day 2020 Digital Celebration during a lockdown

Earth Day is April 22 every year. No particular time can be seen during the day. It is often confused with “Earth Hour” toward the finish of March. In “Earth Hour”, as a commitment to the earth, individuals switched off superfluous lighting from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

Simultaneously, NASA urges individuals to use #EarthDayAtHome hashtags to share photographs and pictures of how you celebrate Earth Day at home. Since the coronavirus lockdown, individuals around the globe are at home, let us make this day advantageous, and add to building a superior planet.

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As individuals need to remain inside their homes during COVID-19 lockdown, World Earth Day 2020 is good to go to be celebrated digitally. Individuals who plan on taking an interest can join ’24 hours of action’ by going on the website.

There are likewise various events to join which incorporates Denis Hayes’ entire interview on ‘Earth Day, 50 years on’. One can likewise take 22 challenges that incorporate measuring your carbon footprint, doing a plastic review, skype a researcher, work for the earth, zero waste for one day and expend 1 dinner for every day in the current week of a plant-based diet.

On April 22, join live-streamed conferences, events, and activities you can make from any place you are. Investigate the numerous virtual Earth Day events through this directory to online events across global time zones. There are new tools for volunteering and support and chances to take part as resident researchers utilizing the Earth Challenge 2020 app to measure information, for example, air quality and plastic pollution, right where you are. There are challenges for everyday activity; graphics for sharing via social media; tips for making your own Earth Day window sign; and a place to educate others concerning your very own “act of green.”

Health supporter and Grammy award-winning musician Ricky Kej, alongside 44 musicians from six nations, will perform live in a concert in support of the World Health Organization and the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Front-line community leaders will observe the event with an online course on 21 April, including this day blessings from leaders the world over; a message from youth climate activists; and discussions with religious and indigenous leaders.

Much the same as on the first Earth Day, 50 years ago, the time has come to exhibit solidarity, take action and send a clear message to world leaders to follow up on climate change, stop biodiversity and habitat loss, and make certain environmental protection is an essential establishment of working back better.

Looking forward to the next 50 years, and in the lead up to World Environment Day on 5 June, UNEP will be sharing data on activities that can be made to secure biodiversity, to contribute reforestation efforts of degraded landscapes and to focus on the overall sustainable management of natural resources.

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