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World Quark Day 2020: History and Significance of Quark



World Quark Day

World Quark Day formally celebrates quark and its numerous advantages on January 19th. In 2020, World Quark Day falls on Sunday.

Quark is a European superfood asserting some authority on market shelves around the world. Quark is a delectable high-protein, low-fat option in contrast to soft cheese and yogurt that can be utilized for baking, cooking and mixing.

There are no restrictions when utilizing quark. If the menu calls for sweet or savory, hot or cold, quark cheese works admirably instead of almost any dairy. Supplant cream cheese or sour cream with quark. By substituting with quark, enter the world of healthy, low-carb, low-fat culinary delights. Experience quark smoothies, cheesecakes, dips, and spreads. Quark’s flexibility may amaze you.

Quark or quarg is a kind of fresh dairy product made by warming soured milk until the ideal measure of curdling is met, and afterward straining it. It very well may be delegated fresh acid-set cheese. Traditional quark can be made without rennet, however, in modern dairies, little amounts of rennet are typically included. It is soft, white and unaged, and normally has no salt included. It is traditional in the cuisines of German-speaking, Slavic and Scandinavian nations.

World Quark Day History

The Queen of Quark, a healthy dieting devotee and creator, born in lovely Bavaria, Germany, presented World Quark Day in 2019. She shares quark’s incalculable advantages, through her blog and via web-based networking media while associating with Quark fans from everywhere throughout the world to help clean eating habits through

In August of 2018, the Registrar at National Day Calendar® broadcasted World Quark Day to be seen on January 19th, every year.

How to celebrate World Quark Day 2020?

World Quark Day urges you to learn how to efficiently integrate quark into your day. Attempt it in morning meals and smoothies to low-carb lunches, delicious suppers, and guilt-free desserts.

Become acquainted with the numerous ways that quark can be utilized. At the point when you do you will promote great wellbeing. Evaluate any of the many recipes and remedies that help a healthy, natural lifestyle.

Share your quark encounters. Regardless of whether you’re enjoying it while traveling or you’re eating it at home, share your involvement in other quark fans. Learn from others how you can #quarkupyourlife. Spread the news and knowledge of healthy eating and living by utilizing #WorldQuarkDay and #quarkupyourlife via web-based networking media.

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