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World Suicide Prevention Day 2020: How to prevent yourself and somebody from suicide; Tips for good mental health



World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day is recognized every year on September 10 to raise awareness about suicide prevention internationally. This day was first seen in 2003. Various themes are decided every year to focus on alternate points of view on suicide prevention. World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 Theme is “working together to prevent suicide”.

Activities, taken on this day, help us to assemble more information on suicide prevention. We can protect our friends and family from suicide. The suicide rate is continually expanding day by day and individuals are experiencing mental sicknesses also. In this way, we can inspire them to take proficient assistance to battle their mental issues as opposed to taking their life.

World Suicide Prevention Day, when numerous individuals might be battling mentally due to Covid or different issues.

Every year, on September 10, associations and communities from over the globe join to raise awareness and draw attention to the significance of mental health.

In 2020, the theme for World Suicide Prevention Day is ‘Working Together to Prevent Suicide.’

Caring for your mental health is similarly as significant as taking care of your physical health – here are a few tips to keep your mind healthy:

World Suicide Prevention Day 2020: How would we be able to protect our friends and family from suicide?

Signs of suicidal thoughts

Before you ensure somebody, first know the signs of suicidal thoughts. The signs are as per the following:

  1. Discussing death or suicide.
  2. Feeling of hopelessness.
  3. Viewing themselves as a burden.
  4. Pulling back themselves totally from loved ones.
  5. Losing interest in a wide range of activities.
  6. Extraordinary mood swings.
  7. Parting with every one of his possessions.
  8. Saying goodbye to their loved ones.

At the point when you see these signs, it’s smarter to deal with that individual and do whatever it takes not to disregard them.

What we can do to protect our friends and family?

These steps can be taken:

  1. Never take somebody’s suicide talks or dangers gently. If it feels essential to him, at that point possibly they are battling with it and need prompt assistance. Thus, never dismiss their emotions or thoughts about suicide.
  1. When somebody is attempting suicide, they are managing colossal passionate pain and think about suicide as an approach to escape from the feeling. They want to endure if there is another approach to adapt up to this issue. Thus, you ought to consistently inspire them to look for professional guidance. Advise or take them to a clinic for counseling or treatment. They can vent out their feelings and the therapist can show them the correct method to battle the sickness.
  1. Be a good listener. On the off chance that they can converse with a thinking companion about their emotional pain and feel relieved, it serves by and large to bring down the pressure of suicide thoughts. Cause them to understand that you are consistent with them at whatever point they have to contact somebody. What’s more, give sharp consideration to whatever they say. You don’t have to offer sound guidance to them generally, yet listening to them carefully will truly be useful.
  1. You may feel hesitated or frightened to inquire as to whether they are having suicidal thoughts. Be that as it may, since it is there at the forefront of their thoughts consistently, don’t be frightened, get some information about it. They can likewise be allowed to open up to you.
  1. If they are battling a great deal with suicidal thoughts and going under treatment, don’t disregard them anyplace. Continuously ensure that they have organizations and hide all kinds of things or pills that can hurt them.
  1. If they enlighten you not to tell others regarding their suicide thoughts, converse with their close loved ones. Inform them concerning it with the goal that all of you can get them out as individuals attempting to keep it as a mystery, are at a higher risk of suicide.

Tips for good mental health

  • Keep active

At the point when you work out, your body releases chemicals called endorphins which diminish pain and increment joy. They trigger a good feeling in the body, like that of morphine.

Some well-known activities to support mental health incorporate running/walking, boxing, pilates, and yoga.

As well as producing endorphins, remaining fit and exercising can help support self-esteem and confidence.

  • Try to keep an everyday practice

Working from home demonstrates a challenge for many, yet going about as you would if working in the office can profit your mental health.

Set your cautions for the ordinary times, dress as you would on the off chance that you were going into work, ensure you take time out for lunch and fresh air. In case you’re missing work environment talk, why not take it to the group chat?

Little jobs for self-care, for example, showering and brushing your teeth, can go far.

  • Keep on doing the things you appreciate

Even though it may appear glaringly evident, investing significant time for your hobbies and interests is pivotal for good mental health.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” so ensure you remove time from your day for activities you appreciate, regardless of how basic.

Some pressure decreasing hobbies incorporate drawing, painting, coloring, keeping a journal, puzzles, cooking, and knitting, yet anything you appreciate can help keep you mentally healthy.

  • Try to get a good night’s sleep

This is frequently more difficult than one might expect, however, the absence of sleep can prompt poor physical and mental health.

If you discover getting the opportunity to sleep hard, think about your environment – ensure it’s an ideal temperature in your bedroom, with diminished noise and light levels.

Keep your sleep time at a comparative time and have a go at quieting yourself previously with a warm (caffeine-free) drink or a hot bath.

Tallying sheep, or in reverse from 100, can help individuals sleep, however, abstain from playing on your phone or watching TV in bed.

  • Work on being careful and staying grounded

As indicated by the NHS: “Becoming more aware of the present moment can help us enjoy the world around us more and understand ourselves better.”

Set aside an effort to see your general surroundings and how it animates your senses – on the off chance that you feel yourself panicking you can use the 5-4-3-2-1 coping procedure. Look around – What five things would you be able to see? What four things would you be able to contact? What three things would you be able to hear? What two things would you be able to taste? What is one thing you can taste?

Breathing exercises and meditation can likewise be helpful.

  • Stay connected

We’re lucky to live in when we can contact companions from all over the globe with the click of a button.

Converse with your friends and family through voice or video calls. Share funny stories or videos. Investigate your companions and converse with them in case you’re thinking that it’s difficult to adapt.

Furthermore, in case you’re truly battling don’t be reluctant to connect – continue reading to discover what help is on offer for those battling mentally.

Strategies to prevent suicides

  • To guarantee suicides are controlled and along these lines diminished we have to stick to the following:-
  • We have to contact individuals who don’t look for help, and thus, don’t get treatment when they are needing it.
  • We have to create and actualize awareness campaigns, with the point of expanding attention to suicide behaviors in the community
  • We have to focus on our efforts to decrease hazard factors as well as to reinforce defensive factors, particularly in childhood, youth, and the old.
  • We have to train health care experts to more readily comprehend proof-based risk and protective factors related to suicidal behavior.

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