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Yanis Bargoin Shows You How to Choose the Best Male Fragrance



Yanis Bargoin Shows You How to Choose the Best Male Fragrance

Everyone likes to smell good and this is not limited to only women; men as well enjoy walking into a room and turning heads with their fragrance. However, if you are familiar with the world of fragrance, you are probably aware that it is extremely varied with thousands of scents existing on the market at any given time. For the average scent lover, it can be an uphill battle sorting through the crowd and deciding what scents to choose and which to leave behind.

Thankfully, the process can be made much easier by taking a page from Yanis Bargoin. Bargoin has a sizable social media following and is an ambassador for fragrances from brands such as L’Essence des Notes and Lacoste. Needless to say, Bargoin knows all about fragrances and is the perfect guide to help you choose your own unique fragrance. He also knows that the fragrance you wear says a lot about your personal style and tastes. 

“Fragrance is the reflection of your personality and your mood, it is why you can choose différent perfumes depending on your style and tastes,” he says. 

The first thing you need to understand is that fragrances are rarely universal. When many people think of finding a fragrance for themselves, they think of a singular one that will be used for all times of the day and for all occasions. This is untrue, however. It is important that you have a fragrance that is your go-to for everyday use (work, school, grocery shopping, etc) and some for more special occasions such as going out and meeting people. Some fragrances are specifically advertised for the day, night, or both and this should inform your decision-making. 

The next step would be to differentiate between the various types of fragrances. The four major scent classes are floral, woody, oriental, and fresh. Each have distinct characteristics that might be more or less appropriate depending on your tastes as well as the purpose of buying the fragrance. After you have decided what scent class is beat for you, it is important that you decide on what concentration level you are looking for. 

Concentration, in this case, refers to how strong or overpowering the scent is. This determines how prominent the scent will be when you use it as well as how long it will last after a single application. The major concentration categories are parfum, eau de parum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, and eau fraiche. This is indicated on the packaging for the fragrance and some fragrances are offered in multiple concentration categories as well. 

When you’ve decided on what scent class and concentration category you want to go for, Bargoin recommends exploring your options in terms of brands. The world of fragrances is full of thousands of brands, from the budget brands to high-end designer ones. As a fragrance ambassador, Bargoin is an advocate for testing out multiple brands to find out what you like. 

A good idea would be the opt for a fragrance subscription package. A fragrance subscription package is a monthly delivered package which offers miniature sizes of multiple fragrances. This allows you to try out multiple fragrances at once without committing to a whole bottle of a new option. An alternative would be to order sample sizes of a fragrance you think you might like, whether from your local store or from the brand directly. 

For Bargoin, the most important thing is not about brand name but uniqueness. 

“The uniqueness and rarity are what I am looking for when I want to buy a perfume.

I don’t want to wear commercial fragrances that everybody has. It is why I only buy niche perfume. Affinessence, State Of Mind, M Micallef or BDK are unknown brands for people but for experts are thé top. I have 2 favorite fragrances; Oud, and ambergris. They are uncommon fragrances,” he says.

Searching for your signature fragrance or an option for your next outing can be daunting at first, but with a bit of education from a fragrance expert like Yanis Bargoin, it can be done. Follow his helpful tips and take on the world with your new scent!

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