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Yelp released its list of the top coffee shops in the US and Canada; Portland shop was named third best on National Coffee Day 2022



Yelp released its list of the top coffee shops in the US and Canada Portland shop was named third best on National Coffee Day 2022.jpg

Thursday, Sept. 29 is National Coffee Day, and individuals in Oregon have a lot of small businesses to help as they celebrate. Yelp recently released its list of the top coffee shops in the US and Canada and five Oregon coffee shops made the list: Ovation Coffee and Tea in Portland, Burly and The Bean in Seaside, La Perlita in Portland, Jet Set Coffee in Tigard, and Tōv in Portland.

Portland coffee shop named 3rd best in U.S. and Canada

Of those, the highest ranked was Ovation Coffee and Tea, a Moroccan coffee shop, which came in third on the list.

Owner Karter Elhabbassi talked about his business and the stuff to find success.

“National Coffee Day is kind of every day for us and we hope to keep continue sharing the Moroccan spices and Moroccan drinks and Moroccan hospitality with everybody,” he said.

It’s that hospitality that he credits for the business’ prosperity and its ability to open four new locations around Portland since the Coronavirus pandemic started.

“It’s kind of a testament of what we’re about. A lot of places were shutting down and struggling during COVID and we were able to expand,” Elhabbassi said. “It just goes back, like the Moroccan hospitality, right? People are coming in and it’s more than just a cup of coffee. It’s ‘Hey, how’s your Mom? How’s your dad? How’s your dog?’”

Since Ovation opened its first location in the Pearl District in December 2013, Elhabbassi said they’ve generally helped their representatives to treat customers this way.

Over time, he’s seen clients bond with the representatives and return more than once to see them.

One more key to the business’s success is its ability to stay remarkable.

Elhabbassi recently got back from a trip to Morocco where he visited family and explored new products. He prides his coffee shop in offering coffee and different products that individuals can’t find elsewhere, except perhaps in Morocco.

“What we’re about is kind of letting everyone experience our culture, our drinks, kind of giving them a sample of Morocco,” Elhabbassi said.

Yelp released the list of its top coffee shops in the U.S. and Canada on Sept. 2. At the point when Elhabbassi saw his family’s business had come in third, he said he was speechless.

Best Coffee Shops in Orlando Florida

“Not even just top 100 on the list, but like, number three is like out of this world!” he said. “Very few people get to say they’ve done that, especially with the coffee culture in America.”

The coffee shop was a dream of his mother’s. The family decided to open it in the wake of running his father’s Moroccan restaurant in Wilsonville for seven years.

Presently, he said his mother’s dream is paying off and just becoming greater. Eventually, Ehabbassi said the family might want to extend the organization outside the Portland region and into different parts of the U.S.

“Obviously we’re doing something right now,” he said. “So, just keep doing what we’re doing and go from there.”

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