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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Rapper Milan Hightower



10 Things You Probably Didnt Know About Rapper Milan Hightower

Milan Hightower is one of the top rising Hip-hop stars of Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a performer, songwriter, and rapper, who’s been in the public eye for years. However, the artist remains somewhat enigmatic. He only portrays his artistic side and keeps personal stuff private. The young rapper has numerous records and singles to his credit. Below are some facts you may not know about Milan Hightower.

1. He was born and raised in New Jersey.

Even though Milan’s home base is Charlotte, he was born in New Jersey and raised in Jersey City for a while.

2. He has 3 Brothers

Milan says he values the bond he shares with his brothers, and they always protect each other. Being the eldest, he’s always ready to offer advice whenever they come to him. Despite their different personalities, their friendship helps them overcome whatever challenges they face.

3. He began singing and performing at the age of 8

Did you know that by the age of 8, Milan was already on stage doing gigs? It all started when he first performed Bow Wow’s song at his dad’s workplace. After receiving positive feedback, he decided to take it seriously and would spend hours rehearsing.

4. Milan had a deal with South Coast Music Group

Back In 2017, Milan got a record deal with Charlotte-based record label, South Coast Music Group. Through it, he released his very popular “Dirty Sause God,” that featured top hits such as No More, and Unapologetic.

5. He’s been releasing new singles this quarantine season.

Milan Hightower is the embodiment of hard work and perfectionism. His release of a handful of loose singles in 2020 shows how dedicated he is to his craft. He spits dope lyrics in songs such as Feelings, From Nothing, Keep it a Band, among others.

6. He now records and releases music through Lucky7even.

Except for his debut album, all of Milan’s, mixtapes and singles were released by Lucky7even.

7. He’s a fashionista

Milan has always been fascinated by fashion and style, and sometimes incorporates it in his music videos and performances. He’s even attended New York Fashion Week in the past.

8. His parents were instrumental in shaping him up for a music career.

The artist acknowledges the support he got from his parents when he started, whether it was putting up his look, or rehearsing.

9. His major influences were Bow Wow and Micheal Jackson.

He’d watch their performances then practice dancing and rapping.

10. He attended North West School of the Arts.

Well, now you know. Follow Milan Hightower on his Social media pages for more updates.

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