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10 Tips for Summer PR Planning This Year



10 Tips for Summer PR Planning This Year

Targeting Journalists and News Outlets:

1. Pre-Vacation Outreach

Contact prominent journalists prior to vacation to inform them of your approaching news. Ask who will fill in for them to guarantee continuity. This way, you’ll both be ready when the time comes.

2. Seasonal Relevance

Make sure your news is lighthearted and current, with intriguing twists that appeal during the “silly season.”

3. Simplify Stories

Customize your strategy to make things easier for interns and temporary workers in the journalism and media sector. Create press releases and stories that are nearly copy-paste ready to save journalists time.

4. Provide Ready-to-use Assets

Provide low-resolution photographs for the web and high-resolution photos for printing. If feasible, include images that are targeted to specific social media channels. This decreases the amount of labor required by journalists to retrieve and edit photos.

5. Offer Many Quotes

Provide many quotes to decrease the need for journalists to make follow-up calls and obtain authorization.

Targeting Potential Customers:

1. Leisure Reading

Publish educational manuals, whitepapers, or brief digital keynotes that emphasize deeper insights rather than practical tricks.

2. Outdoor Pop-Ups

Organize pop-up events at beaches, markets, or festivals to distribute branded products, like sunglasses, water bottles, beach bags, umbrellas/parasols, blankets, and earplugs. These events provide direct connection with your target demographic and are excellent for brand exposure.

Encourage customers to submit images of themselves with the giveaways and tag your company for possible reposts.

3. Create Educational Podcast Playlists

Share playlists with fascinating podcast episodes. Create a “summer best of” from your company’s podcast series, or assemble a list of popular industry-relevant podcasts from other companies.

Consider sponsoring summer episodes of the top podcasts in your sector.

4. Collaborate With Other Brands

Consider forming agreements with brands that compliment your products or services for co-branded summer marketing. Collaborative promotions can broaden your reach and expose your brand to new people.

Encourage user-generated content by asking them to share their summer experiences with your products.

5. Community Engagement

To increase your brand’s community presence, sponsor or organize events such as beach clean-ups, sports tournaments, or local fairs.

Media consumption focuses on amusement, leisure, and inspiration. People read more for personal enjoyment and education, preferring longer-form information such as in-depth articles and books than shorter guides. Outdoor activities and photo sharing are growing, making visual material more shareable.

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