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10 Valuable Tips before starting your eCommerce – Arash Tahami



10 Valuable Tips before starting your eCommerce – Arash Tahami

Arash Tahami is a well-known figure in eCommerce, making money whilst he sleeps! A recurring six-figure salary just from eCommerce alone provides Arash with a lifestyle like no other. The business mogul also specializes in cryptocurrency, crypto mining, short- and long-term investments, and NFT. Having understood the art of making profits online, Arash knows how to successfully guide people on how to make money from the comfort of their own homes.

With online sales expected to reach 6.54 trillion by 2023, eCommerce websites will be taking up 22.3% of total retail sales. Both businesses and customers have embraced online sales as cheaper and more convenient shopping.

Let’s delve deeper with Arash to briefly find out the key critical points in order to develop a successful online store and brand.

Having an eye-catching and professional main page

The main web page should provide a complete and comprehensive description of the products and services and a selection option for the best offer.

Straight forward and smooth transition

The design of the online store website should be user-friendly and straightforward. After selecting the products and adding them to your cart, an invoice to pay is available to the purchaser through an online payment gateway. In a nutshell, your website shouldn’t be monotonous and boring.

Ability to buy and sell easily

For users’ convenience, fast yet direct sales are an absolute must in the design of your online shop.

Compatibility for all types of tablets/laptops/mobile phones

A website design must be responsive and be compatible with all smartphones has the advantage that anyone can access the site anytime, anywhere in the world. This additional feature will also help the website rank higher through search engines.

Use of the symbol of electronic trust

This symbol is necessary and businesses that follow the rules of the ministry of industry, mine, and trade will be awarded the mark.

Full description of each product

There is no physical person to answer customer questions about products, so it’s imperative to include clear and concise descriptions of each product /design.

An option to compare and search products

A simple feature such as a search bar for finding the desired product, comparing similar products, reviews and buyers’ comments about the goods, special daily sales, offers, and seasonal discounts can be significant for customers and maintaining their interest.


More than 90% of existing online store websites are not yet licensed. So, you do not need a license to get started.

Use customer certificates

You can create a review/feedback section for your products or services in designing an online store. Positive feedback from previous buyers significantly affects new customers and your future clientele. It’s better than any other ad and also keeps you up to date with your buyers’ likes/dislikes. It also helps you in Google ranking while doing SEO to get more organic traffic.

Landing Page

Landing Page means your website will reward customers with a series of gifts for providing details such as emails etc. These gifts can be used as discount coupons, codes, in-store products, audio, video files, etc.

Arash believes that eCommerce is one of the fastest and safest ways to make money with little to no risk. It helps people struggling to earn an income for themselves and possibly even replace their 9-5 jobs. The last piece of advice Arash Tahami gives is, ‘I don’t suggest sleeping on this opportunity. Ecommerce is rapidly growing and there’s no better time than now to get in and get started.’


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