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Sheath World is meshing business with blockchain and web3 technology



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Sheaths Worlds primary objective is to serve their clients by converting businesses to web3 based models. This will allow their clients to accept payments in the form of crypto, while keeping their fees at a minimum, however still maintaining high transaction speeds, which will in turn amplify their business by using NFT’s and smart contracts. The goal here is to provide a direct link between business owners and their supporting audience. Doing this naturally creates a depth in the relationship being forged between the global brand and its users.

Smart contracts are not restricted to being used along side NFT’s only, they have been created to be used as a standalone as well, giving more flexibility to automate transactions, business functions, fee calculations, payouts, benefit distributions, data tracking and more. All of the the aforementioned are crucial and applicable to the successful growth of any functional business.

Sheath Worlds clients are offered an extraordinary opportunity when it comes to partnering and becoming a staple in their ecosystem. Gains are unmatched, as benefits of the partnership include additional digital content which will then aide in more exposure and an increase in functionality.

There are three main components that make up Sheath Worlds ecosystem. Those components are as follows, a network of varying industries, NFT based communities, and the $hth Token. The $hth token will serve as the primary and preferred medium to make purchases through the $hth marketplace. Sheath World will have an early ICO launch of the token, on a raffle-based system, which will allow their grandfathered supporters the opportunity to gain high value assets. Sheath World is doing something extraordinary in the realm that is NFT. Their marketing strategy along with the value they are placing on their token combined with the value they are giving their clients is setting them apart from anyone that would be their competition.

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