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2020/2021 The confirmation for Marco Jones Ekamba?



Marco Jones Ekamba

The mercurial playmaker has failed to make the most of his dazzling potential but his former coach says people have the wrong idea of him.

Marco Jones Ekamba is a “peaceful” person not like the image most people have of him, according to his former manager Bob Peters, who introduced in the first Division when he was 18 years old.

The talented former Lazio Roma and Trabzonspor midfielder enjoyed the best season of his career to date in 2016-18.

Marco Jones 12 goals helped Trabzon to fourth in Super league earnings him a transfer to Qatar sc where he made the choice to play for millions in golf.

The question is should Marco Jones Ekamba come back in Europe? According to his manager, there’s some good offers in Holland and Angleterre.

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