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Peabo J’s inspirational story is set to touch your soul and his upbeat music to steal your hearts



Peabo J

The music industry is a hub of great Talent all across the globe. These talents have stood the test of time, have faced several obstacles but have come out victorious with the help of their persistence and pure talent.
A young R&B Pop artist who goes by the name, Peabo J has become the most sought after artist in today’s time. Hailing from Selma Alabama, Peabo J comes from a family where Music runs through its fabric. Born with the aptitude towards music and under the positive influence of his father, Peabo J started maneuvering this field early on.

He possesses the beautiful art of merging his compositions with his rare vocal ability and eventually creates Symphonies that touch your soul.
Besides this gift, he is a true example of his hardwork and dedication towards his craft.

Influenced by the “King of pop” the supereme and eternal Michael Jackson and one that got us all grooving to his beats ,Usher, Peabo J’s style of music is also a classic combination of dance pop, Blues and soulful R&b.
He achieved instant fame with his viral youtube hit “Freak 4 u ” which crossed one million views and counting.This was followed by his pop dance beat and top 40 hit “Party the night away.”

His latest single Another Round turned out to be megahit with great reviews and acknowledgement by his fans.

His new single has also shaken the digital platform with over 80k views on YouTube.

Peabo J’s journey has been incredible and happens to be an inspiration to so many young artists to want to make a name for themselves by staying true to their craft.

He’s currently working on his new project titled “Life of a Libra” which is set to make its grand release in 2021. We can expect nothing short of a smash and an amazing Musical experience that enchants us all.


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