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29-year-old Boy Ankit Jain, The Man Behind The Growth And Success Of Bakliwal Emporium



29-year-old Boy Ankit Jain, The Man Behind The Growth And Success Of Bakliwal Emporium

Kickstarting his career at an early age, Ankit Jain has achieved several milestones and has inspired many people over the years. He is the proud owner of the Wityfii Media , 24sevenNews  and Bakliwal emporium

The growth of the companys has never been overnight. Ankit Jain started his business during his college time in 2013 but due to some reason that startup failed and lossed almost 2 lakhs but Jain never loss hope and start as digital marketer for some brands as well as doing job in media sector as freelancer journalist and content writer.  In pendmic 2019 started wityfii Media , 24seven news with his friend himanshu meena. Jain had to work diligently to take the firm to the heights of success.

Bakliwal Emporium which he founded in 2020. Bakliwal Emporium is one of the most renowned firms which works for the export business. aims to provide doorstep delivery for people hailing to ensure unique customer service, the team has worked tirelessly to come up with excellent ideas. Customers with temporary requirements will also benefit from the launch of Bakliwal Emporium.

Over time, the renowned Entrepreneur built a strong team of experts who always remain at people’s beck and call to help people in every possible way. With the help of export busniess, Ankit Jain and his team help people to elevate their businesses to a new level of success. His strategic skills and his ability to take risks are the reason behind the firm’s success.

Ankit Jain’s consistent efforts are the reason behind Bakliwal Emporium’s success. His success journey has been an inspiration to all the people, especially the youth. It will be challenging to make his new startup a huge success but we all know that his extensive knowledge about the market will pave his way towards victory.

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