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3 Creative Gifts To Remind Teens That Recovery Is Worth It



Depression among teenagers is extremely common. A lot of parents chalk it up to mood swings or simply feeling misunderstood, but it’s important not to underestimate the depth of emotions that teenagers feel. Depression is a serious condition, and it’s important for teens to get the treatment they need to recover. In fact, 60 percent of teens who suffer from major depressive episodes do not receive treatment for their condition. If your child is currently in recovery, then you may want to give them encouragement along the way. Giving them meaningful gifts may just provide them with the boost they need to navigate recovery. Here are creative gifts to remind teens that recovery is worth it.

1. Jewelry

Necklaces make for a great gift to most any teen, especially to those in recovery. It serves as an excellent reminder to stay strong, especially because it can be worn every day. Whether they like rose gold, sterling silver, or yellow gold jewelry, you’ll find a wide array of necklaces at Kendra Scott. A necklace can help a teen feel connected to who gifted them with a special piece. If they’ve been in recovery for a certain number of days, perhaps you can gift them with a necklace that signifies their accomplishment. You can even get them a personalized necklace with an initial pendant on it. Accessories are a perfect addition to any outfit, so a gold necklace or a silver necklace will undoubtedly be a good choice. The pieces at Kendra Scott are affordable and of high quality. You’ll be able to find one that’s perfect for your teen with all of the accessories available on the website. A necklace is a meaningful piece of jewelry that’s worn close to the heart, which could be very meaningful for those in recovery.

2. Comfort Items

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If you know a teen who has been in teenage rehab for depression and you want to give them a creative gift, purchasing some items that give them comfort is a great way to remind them that recovery is worth it. If you know a teen who suffers from

mental health issues, getting professional treatment does not mean that their teenage depression is completely cured and that their mental health will never falter. Teen depression, or any depression for that matter, is an ongoing battle. The healing process for depressed adolescents takes time. You’ll want to provide teens with a supportive environment and give them comfort items for when they’re not feeling their best. Some great ideas include fluffy socks, a weighted blanket, or a robe for when they don’t feel like getting dressed for the day. Take into account what makes them feel comfortable.

3. Homemade Self-Care Kit

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This is a creative way to help a teen with major depression. A great way to remind teens that recovery is worth it is to help them find ways to try new hobbies and interests or reinvigorate their love of a particular activity. You also want them to feel comfortable with how they feel and give them outlets to express themselves in times of trouble. A homemade self-care kit makes for a thoughtful gift. Include a blank journal so they can either draw or write in it as a form of expression. You’ll also want to include some options for aromatherapy, such as essential oils, bath bombs, and art supplies. You can even include some stimulating activities in the kit for them to enjoy either alone or with friends. Add some crossword and word search books, card games, or board games that they’ll enjoy.

The ideas listed above are just some gifts that you can give a teen who suffers from depression. These are great ways to show them you care for them and that you want to be there for them throughout recovery.

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