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3 Life Lessons from Fitness Mogul Brandon Carter



Brandon Carter

A few months ago if somebody told me that the whole world would come to a standstill because of a bat, I would have said “go fly away”. Today, people are fighting for survival not by coming together but staying away from each other. In just a matter of days, our lifestyle has taken a backseat and we are forced to stay indoors. This brings forth the adage once again that the “future is always uncertain.” Famed French philosopher, Albert Camus once said, “It takes more courage to live than to kill yourself”. Even though it may be an age-old saying, but right now it is truly ‘the survival of the fittest’. No matter what life throws at you, it also teaches you lessons on how to deal with it. Keeping this philosophy in mind, fitness mogul Brandon Carter has built his empire and is enabling others to do the same with 3 important life lessons. 

Born on September 15th, 1982, in one of the most notorious neighborhoods in Southside Chicago, Brandon struggled with bullying during his childhood. He was often targeted by other kids in school and would always get into brutal fights. At quite a young age, Brandon found his calling in fitness which not only made him look good but also feel good. He was more confident than ever and decided to help others reach success in life. Brandon developed 3 life lessons that would enable anyone to make it big. He says, “Firstly, you need to accept the pain. It may be physical or mental but accepting that will give you the power to fight it. Secondly, be determined to achieve your goals no matter what the circumstances are. Attack your goals with ruthlessness and focus. Lastly, it is all about setting high standards. When you set goals that require you to work hard every day, you would be hell-bent on achieving it.” Today, Brandon is one of the most sought after fitness trainers who helps other fitness trainers to upgrade their skills with his own developed High Ticket Trainer program. He has over 180k followers on Instagram who learn from him some of the most valuable lessons in life and fitness. Apart from fitness, Brandon has also dabbled in the music business by becoming a rapper. He has also modeled for various brands such as Nike, Puma, ADIDAS, and Jordan among many more. He was also seen in the latest season of Ninja Warrior. With over 20 years of experience as a fitness trainer and nutritionist, Brandon is a brand in himself. 

Life may have come to a standstill today but you can’t let your body and mind take a break. If both are healthy and working in tandem, you will get over any pandemic life throws at you. 

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