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5 Things You Can Do During the Malaysia Lockdown MCO 3.0



5 Things You Can Do During the Malaysia Lockdown MCO 3.0 Time

Everyone is struggling with the COVID-19 lockdown. Many people have lost their jobs, others have been forced to work from home, and everything seems to be falling apart.

However, the good news is that there are some fun activities that you can do while on lockdown.

In an attempt to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 disease, the Malaysian government has put MCO 3.0 on lockdown. However, below are some of the things that you can do to pass time and avoid getting into depression while in lockdown.

Explore a New Hobby

This is the time that you can discover some of the things that you enjoy doing. Maybe you have realized that you are spending most of your time watching cooking shows and trying out different recipes.

This is the time to surprise your family with homemade meals that are amazing and cooked from scratch. It is also a good time to bond with your family, and you may have them helping you to cook in the kitchen.

Clean the Garden with Pressure Washer

You should avoid being locked in the house for longer periods as you may start getting stressed and easily irritable.

If you feel that you need to do something therapeutic, and breathe fresh air, then go ahead and clean your garden with your pressure washer in Malaysia.


Exercising is also another fun activity that you can engage in while at home during the lockdown.

Remember, you are spending most of your time at home, and you are not walking long distances or engaging in any other physical activity that will help you in burning the extra fats.

Exercising is one of the best ways to ensure that you remain in shape and stay healthy.

You can create one room in the house to be a place where you exercise with your family. Alternatively, you can work out with the help of the many videos that are online. This is something that you can do with your family.

Enjoy Wine at Home

You can also relax and enjoy your wine at home. This is very therapeutic as it allows you to remain calm. Also, there are various health benefits that are associated with drinking wine such as it regulates blood sugar and keeps the heart healthy. There are many wine delivery services in Klang Valley available such as LavoWine.

Create a Routine

Every new day is a day to keep active and productive. You need to have your day already planned so that when you wake up, everything flows. Create a routine for yourself or for the whole family as a guide to keep everyone on toes and active.

In summary, staying in lockdown does not have to be as boring as many people say it is.

There are much fun and relaxing things that you can do such as enjoying wine at home, cleaning your garden, exercising, creating a routine, and exploring your new hobby.

These activities will keep you engaged and will do away with boredom.

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