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6 Benefits of being a Government employee



6 Benefits of being a Government employee

Candidates who seek job opportunities in the government sector at a young age must prepare for the SSC CHSL exam. The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts a Combined Higher Secondary Level Examination right after high school completion known as SSC CHSL. It is conducted in two tiers and recruits a workforce for various departments and ministries under the Indian government. For interested candidates, SSC CHSL apply online facility is available. In the past few years, it has become a popular choice for the youth to serve the nation. Let’s discuss what drew youth’s attention towards it.

6 Monetary benefits of Indian Government employees

Being a government employee, allowances and other perks are associated with the job profile. All positions under SSC CHSL are subjected to increment, which they gain annually or after promotion after clearing a departmental exam. Let’s look at what monetary gains an SSC CHSL employee gains.

  1. Gratuity benefits: Gratuity funds benefit employees when he or she leaves the organization. The amount is paid to an employee by an employer for their dedicated services during their employment tenure. After completing 5 years in the same organization, the employee is eligible to claim gratuity benefits of his or her services.
  2. National Pension benefit: Pension is the most secured fund and one of the significant benefits that most government employees automatically get. Nation pension schemes possess the same features that secure the after-employment life of an employee. Under the NPS scheme, a specific percentage of salary is deducted, and the same amount by the employer is contributed to the employee’s NPS account. An employee can track their pension fund with the help of a card. After retirement, the pension is given from this fund only. Therefore, aspirants looking for a safe and secure job with a pension must look towards SSC CHSL jobs.
  3. Allowances: An SSC CHSL employee benefits from several allowances like transport, HRA (House Rent Allowances), DA, and others. Being a government employee, you can enjoy these perks. Indian government bears all expenses of your expenditure. It makes employees feel secure and comfortable working for an extended period. These allowances are tax-exempt, and employees cover all kinds of their expenditure under this monetary benefit. However, the path is not so easy to reach the destination. It is a cut-throat competition amongst candidates to get a job in the SSC departments.
  4. Medical facilities: All medical expenses and bills will be taken care of by the Indian government. As an SSC CHSL employee, you become part of medical schemes launched under public welfare programs by the Indian government.
  5. Paid leaves: An employee always seeks paid leaves, and organizations allot several days as a paid leave in a year. Most people prefer a government job because they can claim paid leaves in their services. There are fewer number private employers compared to a government employer who offers the same. You can claim casual leaves, privilege leaves, medical leaves, earned leaves, and many more in the government sector.
  6. LTC claim: Officers recruited through SSC CHSL can claim the benefits of LTC (Leave Travel Concession). Governments bear expenses of travel within or outside India for a certain period. IT refreshes employees’ time and breaks the monotonous routine of their daily lives.

Final words

Like other government employees, the workforce recruited under the SSC CHSL exam have the same professional life. However, the path remains challenging, and you need to compete against the best talents across the nation. Lakh of aspirants dream for jobs mentioned above, but only a handful of them get the opportunity. If you are dreaming the same, pull up your socks and prepare according to the SSC CHSL Syllabus!

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