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7 Tips for Successfully Renting your Moving Truck in Sarasota



Renting a moving truck in Sarasota requires knowing a few tips to pay less. To make your move a success with complete flexibility, discover our 7 tips on the subject:

How to choose your moving truck according to the volume?

The size of your moving truck in Sarasota depends on your volume to be moved. To estimate it with some precision, you can use an online calculator. Take inventory of your personal belongings and immediately find out what your volume is. To give you an idea, know that a 20-m³ truck is ideal for moving a one-bedroom apartment (20 to 40 m²). Properly estimating its volume saves money by opting for a truck capable of making only one trip.

How to choose your rental formula?

If you plan to move alone to Sarasota, you might as well choose a VAN rental Sarasota adapted to your budget. There is for example the one-way formula, which is the most expensive since you leave the truck at another address. Individuals can also turn to the return formula, perfect for moving to their city. Hourly rental and daily rental are also two options to consider.

How long before the date of his move, should he reserve his truck?

If you make the mistake of renting your van late, you may not find the model you need. On the other hand, going about it 2 to 3 months in advance allows you to find what you want. Note that last-minute solutions expose you to higher rates. In addition, anticipating your move is the assurance of preparing yourself thoroughly. You will be able to choose your offer better and avoid unnecessary expenses.

How to choose the best period for your move?

Moving companies and other affiliated services charge according to periods. Moving during school holidays, in summer, during weekends, at the end of the month or at the end of the year, means taking the risk of paying more.

During these periods, movers experience a significant peak in activity. It is logical that they rent their services at a high price. On the other hand, carrying out your move between Monday and Friday, in the middle of the month or in the summer period (low season), helps to save money.

Should moving companies compete?

Moving is an extremely competitive market. So why not take the opportunity to save money? To rent your moving truck in Sarasota, put the different companies in the sector in competition. At each of them, ask for a quote and compare each offer to choose the most advantageous. Finding the mover with the best price can help save up to 30% or even 50%!

Simplify your life with moving platforms

Moving platforms are a quick and convenient solution for making good deals. Via a search tool, you indicate key information (volume to be moved, date, type of utility, etc.) and you benefit in return from offers adapted to your needs. In the background, powerful algorithms are responsible for comparing the different offers from movers. You then benefit from a connection with your mover.

Pack your things well. Indeed, your personal or professional effects can be damaged during transport. Use moving boxes, covers, straps, bubble wrap… Moving truck rental companies sometimes offer this service for the sale of packaging material. Note that a furniture storage in Sarasota offers the sale of moving supplies to individuals and professionals. The site is a real ally for finding the addresses of box rental centers in Sarasota and the surrounding area. In addition, if you need to rent a box during a transition period, request a quote online for free.

For transporting objects, preferably use a truck with a tail lift. This flatbed truck saves unnecessary effort when loading and unloading into the truck. The tailgate raises and lowers using an electronic joystick. All you have to do is slide your bulky or bulky objects into the boot, using a hand truck or a wheeled trolley. You will often find this type of handling equipment (moving kit) at commercial vehicle rental companies.

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