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A 19-year boy Mohammad Edris Hashimi, aka Idrees Kickz, is ruling the Canadian sneakers e-commerce business



A 19 year boy Mohammad Edris Hashimi aka Idrees Kickz is ruling the Canadian sneakers e commerce business

Taking e-commerce business with storm Idrees Kickz is now recognized as the emerging star of the entrepreneur.

Challenges and struggles are a significant part of your victory. However, the person who dares to challenge their own ability could bring revolutionary to the world. Idrees Kickz is one such magnificent iconic entrepreneur who has proved regardless of your age your passion could create miraculous success.

Idrees Kickz believed in his talent and skills and worked hard desperately to satisfy his inner craving for success. Idrees Kickz was born in 2001 in Toronto, Ontario was always curious about doing something unique from others. He never wished to follow the same job pattern of 9-5 but desire to rule the world with his talent.

Idrees Kickz proved his passion while he analyzed how curious he was about sneakers from his childhood. He took it as his profession and started working form 2015 where he purchased some renowned sneakers from the market and sold it gaining high profit. This boosted his confidence which allowed him to research more about the Canadian market fostering new and innovative ideas engrossed in his personality.

Hence, at the age of 13, the teenager has groomed his online strategies and understood the pattern of selling on the e-commerce platform. He is grateful to take his passion or hobby as his profession because your passion enthralls your identity with new concepts and ideas.

With the escalation of e-commerce, he eventually initiated his brand named “Woiair”. In order to expand his knowledge, he involved himself in investing in the stock and forex markets and later gave all his attention to growing his brand.

Taking Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk as his inspiration and wishes to stun people with the same success. The young man after graduating from high school is now preparing to study business program at the university.


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