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A Closer Look at Tennant Metals



A Closer Look at Tennant Metals

Tennant Metals is a global commodity trading firm headquartered in South Africa, boasting a highly experienced international team and network. The firm offers tailored solutions to its suppliers and customers backed by over five decades of expertise. 

Tennant Metals are well-established participants in the global commodities market, which has further overseas offices in Australia, specializes in the physical supply of non-ferrous refined metals, ores, and concentrates to clients worldwide.

The following is a closer look at Tennant Metals’ decades-long history, thriving business model, ever-growing product offering, and tireless commitment to serving an impressive global roster of suppliers and customers.


Tennant Metals’ story begins in 1966 after the company became the in-house reagent supplier and production marketer for former British mining house Renison Goldfields Consolidated. English mining magnate Cecil Rhodes founded Renison Goldfields Consolidated’s precursor, Consolidated Gold Fields, in 1892. Consolidated Gold Fields focused primarily on South African gold interests.

The company diversified and invested widely during the following century. This diversification included investing in the Western Australian gold sector, beginning in the 1920s. Later, Consolidated Gold Fields would begin exploration and mining activities elsewhere in Australia. In the 1960s, Consolidated Gold Fields Australia came to life.

Shortly after, Tennant Metals became its in-house reagent supplier. The London-based arm of the firm ceased trading in 1989. However, its Australian subsidiary—ultimately renamed Renison Goldfields Consolidated—continued for around another decade as a diversified mining group. That was before it also ceased trading due to the efforts of the notorious corporate raider James Hanson.

Today, Tennant Metals continues to build upon the rich and broad history and potential of the once-renowned British and Australian mining company stemming from Cecil Rhodes’ original Consolidated Gold Fields. The firm and its team constantly adapt to the global environment by adjusting their approach to securing new sources of supply and providing world-class customer service in various markets.

Business Model

Tennant Metals handles trade in all non-ferrous metals and boasts further industry-leading knowledge of global financial markets and logistics. Its expert knowledge of the myriad components of global commodity supply chains promises low-risk and efficient results for its clients. The firm’s business model centers around four key pillars: trading, sales, offtake, and diversification.

From a trading and marketing perspective, the company offers various highly tailored solutions to its suppliers and customers. One of its most significant assets is its vast network of miners, producers, smelters, and refineries. From there, Tennant Metals is directly responsible for purchasing, selling, and supplying all non-ferrous metal varieties, including copper, lead, tin, and zinc.

It also specializes in offtake agreements, that includes securing long-term solutions with leading producers and investing heavily in their projects’ future outputs. The firm now aims to take further capital positions on such agreements.

With suppliers and customers worldwide and simultaneously trading in various commodities, Tennant Metals benefits from a highly diversified portfolio. With that, the firm is ready and able to quickly and effectively take advantage of countless opportunities as they present themselves, largely safe from deteriorated market conditions on specific products.

Product Offering

Tennant Metals specializes primarily in the sourcing and physical supply of base metals, refined metal forms, and ores or concentrates. Its approach is to continuously diversify its business and model by developing new activities and services focused on delivering expertly tailored solutions to new and existing customers and suppliers.

During more than five decades of specializing in non-ferrous commodities, Tennant Metals has established a highly successful offering that’s now renowned worldwide. Alongside sourcing and supply, this includes the provision of financing structures, risk management tools, and more, each designed to ensure an industry-leading level of customer service.

Tennant Metals is passionate about representing the first point of contact for established and emerging mineral resource producers seeking successful outcomes for their products. Meanwhile, it remains similarly committed to covering market exposures on currency and metal price sides via daily trading of derivative financial products, including futures, options, and swaps.

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