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A Day In The Life Of Esmeralda Baez.



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Landing an interview with a celebrity can help your podcast, magazine or blog reach new heights. Suddenly, you can command higher rates for ad space and you won’t have trouble filling those slots. The same holds true for product endorsements. If a celeb vouches for your product, expect that it’s going to see an increase in sales.

The professional reputations of publicists are based on their ability to identify the appropriate outlet for each client’s desired message, the direction the story will take, and their efforts to control and shape it to suit the needs of their client. Esmeralda Baez, one of the most known publicists and businesswoman in the entertainment industry describes Media, as a multiple faceted tool which requires consistent work, leadership, credibility and dedication

Although she often prefers to remain under the radar and let her clients shine in the spotlight, Baez know how important image can be. Whether they’re crafting a brand’s image, fielding phone calls from press, or helming a six figure campaign, publicists are an integral part of the showbiz machine.

Esmeralda’s Firm “Elite Vision Media” operates exclusively by referral and only represents talents and personalities that are focused in cross overs and global expansion. To join Esmeralda’s community or Find out more about her upcoming ventures please connect with her at

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