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A private social media consultant taking Instagram by storm



A private social media consultant taking Instagram by storm

Samuel Guzman was known as a public figure on Instagram initially. That ended up connecting with influencers, fashion models, marketing agencies, record labels, musical artists, entrepreneurs, investors & more. He currently owns an LLC called “close connects” which is a private social media consultant service that offers a wide variety of assistance, like Google SEO optimization, strategy resources for fan base growth, connection utilization, image rebranding, website editing/creator & more.

More info will be available soon about “close connects” Since mid-2019, Samuel Guzman has started focusing on other objectives like investing, future planning & connecting with more verified people of interest on global social media platforms like Instagram.

No one knows this better than Samuel Guzman, one of the world’s leading experts when it comes to social media and the music industry. Samuel is one of the most in-demand and sought out coaches today. Known for his unique and innovative social media strategies which result in explosive growth, he has managed to distinguish himself amongst the dozens of people who offer these types of services and is renowned for his ability to get results.

His business specializes in helping up and coming artists/public figures grow with innovative marketing strategies. This means he spends his days tutoring young artists in social media growth strategies and helps them grow their followers by organically building traffic to their platforms & much more.

The success he’s managed to produce in this field has brought him into contact with some of the biggest names in the music industry. He has forged relationships with many famous entrepreneurs, public figures, models, and artists. And has been able to assist these connections into success for his clients.

What’s more, he is also known for being a savvy and astute investor. Over the last year, he has started seeing an income by investing in Fortune 500 companies like Pepsico, Tesla, 7Eleven, Young Money, Starbucks, 3M and more, always managing to beat the market.

If you’re someone involved in the music industry, whether you’re an artist, label owner, model or DJ you can utilize his incredible strategies for social media success.


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