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A review of the golden points of music with Mr. Alireza Mahdavi, a prominent musician



A review of the golden points of music with Mr. Alireza Mahdavi a prominent musician 1

Today, with the presence of Mr. Alireza Mahdavi, one of the prominent and experienced musicians in this field, we will discuss some important principles of music.

What is the music industry?

It is industrial music whose main wheel spins with the performance of music.  Playing music attracts the audience and then creates a feeling of need for training.  Education creates a sense of need for research and publicity work.  The result of this research is the production of music, and the music produced is performed, and the cycle always continues, and the wheel of this industry spins, and if the performance fails for any reason, the whole cycle stops.

What is the current situation of this industry in the country?

Performance in various music in Iran is constantly increasing and decreasing.  The music performer needs to prove a lot to the decision makers before the performance.  We have to get to the point where the artist’s will is enough to perform, but due to the artist’s lack of will, this process is usually problematic and in many cases, the artist regrets performing.  For this reason, the music industry has never been good in Iran.  For a long time, the music industry in Iran has been working in a bad way, but at certain times or in certain places, the music is good, but in general, the conditions have not been favorable for different music.

Does the lack of the same activity of different styles of music in the performance cause a problem?

Sometimes one style of music is not allowed and another style is performed.  This creates an imbalance and the artists are not comfortable performing.

What is the state of education in this area?

The field of education is also not in good condition.  Many music teachers do not have a high quality of instruction, and behind-the-scenes relationships increase the ability of instructors to teach.  The situation in the field of writing is also unsatisfactory, sometimes we see works that are technically and even editorially difficult.  Over the past few years, a phenomenon called author-publisher has emerged in the field of publishing.  This phenomenon allows authors to publish books without the need for publishing houses.  This helped the authors in some ways, but the issue of quality control and editing was eliminated and inefficient books were published.  This phenomenon has many problems in specialized and educational fields.

How do you evaluate the activity of underground artists?

Another problem that arises from not performing is the underground artists.  The administrative system does not realize that when it does not allow the performance of good music from a certain genre, the music goes underground and this music has no monitoring and evaluation.  Any kind of music is valuable if it is quality.  We can not say whether a genre of music is bad or good.  When people believe that a genre of music is bad, we can no longer distinguish between good and bad in that type of music.  If music is not underground, people will separate good and bad over time.

How to help commercialize the music industry in Iran?

Unless we follow the rules of copyright law, artists can not make money and there are thousands of other social problems.  If we accept copyright, everyone gets their economic benefits for the work they create.  But we do not accept copyright because the state media wants to broadcast the music and is not willing to pay for it.  Therefore, they deprive a stratum of income, and that stratum without income creates many problems for society.

The last word?

We are used to indifference and indifference, but if they allow the art system to do its job and does not interfere, the situation can improve over time and reach balance.  These problems will continue as long as some people think they should close parts and leave parts open.


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