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Javad Safaee: A variety of music styles from the language of the honest falcon



Javad Safaee A variety of music styles from the language of the honest falcon

There are many styles of music, some of which are:

1) Classic, 2) Blues (sad, etc.), 3) Rock, 4) Hip hop/rap (Today, it can be said that rap is completely separated from hip hop, but some still consider it hip hop) 5) Baroque, 6) Pop, 7) R&B (blues rhythm), 8) Impressionism (the basis of beauty and perfection, etc.), 9) Romantic, 10) Original (related to the culture of each country), 11) Jazz or Jazz, 12) Rhythm (an American who uses the bass sound), 13) Swing (can be considered a subset of the jazz style), 14) Metal (this style can be a subset of rock or blues/rock style 15) Reggae (Jamaican), 16) Bossa Nova (Brazilian jazz style), 17) Punk (also a subset of rock), 18) Electronics (American style) The following is a summary of some of these styles:

The term classical music generally refers to a vast array of different but related styles and forms. Classical music in its general sense means only European classical music. Of course, in some cases, the term is also used to refer to the traditional music of other nations.

There is no exact definition of classical music, but in short, the works of this style are all created by musicians who have been specially trained in the science of music. The effect of classical music is all based on the scientific rules of music. Art Music is another term that is widely used to describe classical music and other serious and artistic methods.

Javad Safaee, a famous Iranian musician and singer, who has surprised the Iranian music world with 9 magnificent works, was born in Tehran. He has been interested in Iranian music since he was a child and in 13 years he made his first independent music. he is doing it. Entered, he has always tried to be in the best position of Iranian music, he managed to become famous with the antidote music of the market at the age of 15, he likes hip hop style very much and has a lot of music in this regard.

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