AB Productions: A tale of perseverance, resilience and hardwork

In 2019, a group of friends from Goa, came up with the idea to start an event management organization to support the young talent of the state. Little did they know that within a couple of years, that organization was going to become the foremost pageant organization of Goa. It was AB productions, founded by Indian soldier and model, Abrar Naik.

AB productions is the parent organization of Mr. and Miss Goa competitions. Both the pageants are state level preliminary events for the national level pageants – Rubaru Mr. India and Rubaru Miss India Elite. AB productions is currently being managed by five individuals that took up different roles and responsibilities after the formation of the organization. They are,

Abrar Naik – Abrar Naik is the founder and director of AB Productions. He is a solider from Goa and also a member of Goa Armed Police. He is also a part-time model. He began his journey by entering the Mr. Goa competition held in 2018 and was awarded the runner-up title. The following year, he represented Goa at the nation’s biggest men’s pageant – Rubaru Mr. India. In 2019, he came up with the idea of expanding and dilating the Mr. and Miss Goa competitions that contributed to the formation of AB productions.

Sonu Kumar – Sonu Kumar is the event manager at AB Productions. He is a model, actor and Mechanical engineer by profession. He takes care of the event’s production and set up. Along with that, he is also managing the financial segment of the organization, ensuring a smooth and holistic flow throughout the event.

Anokh Bhat – Anokh Bhat is the leader of the creative team of the organization. He is also an engineer by profession. He is responsible for creating and developing the creative content for the event and production activities that include setup of the statewide auditions, pre-pageant activities, grooming sessions and the state-finale event.

Arhana Feroz – Arhana Feroz is the chief chorographer and content creator at AB Productions. She is one of the most well-established models from Goa. Her main responsibilities include choreographing the entire event from statewide auditions to the state-level finale and also taking care of writing content for promotion on digital platforms.

Sandesh Singh – Sandesh Singh is the leader of marketing team at AB Productions. He is an entrepreneur and is responsible for promoting the event on social media platforms. His key responsibilities include crafting strategies for marketing events and promoting and advertising the event on all social media and digital platforms.

The first event organized by AB Productions was Mr. and Miss Pernem. It was held on June 8, 2019. It was followed by the staging of Mr. and Miss Goa competition, to elect Goa’s representatives for Rubaru Mr. India and Rubaru Miss India Elite beauty pageants. The 2019 Mr. and Miss Goa pageant was held on December 4, 2019 at Salcete Beach Resort in Colva. The event was attended by the vice president of Rubaru Mr. India pageant, Pankaj Kharbanda and Goa’s very own international beauty queen, Nakita Tania Fernandes. The event was a huge success and led to solidification of AB Productions as the leading pageant organization of Goa. The reigning Mr. and Miss Goa winners will soon be seen representing Goa at the next edition of Rubaru Mr. India and Rubaru Miss India Elite beauty pageants. All thanks to Abar, Sonu, Arhana, Anokh and Sandesh for giving Goa’s its very own state-level beauty pageant.

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