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Aishwarya Dange – An Interior Designer is ready to shape the next decade of class infrastructure & design



Aishwarya Dange An Interior Designer is ready to shape the next decade of class infrastructure design

Youth today, have been exploring home décor ideas, with a newfound love for it. Wallpapers, wall-hangings, lightings, flower-pots, paintings, among others, have gained popularity among people, who like to do their own home interiors.

Among them is Aishwarya Dange, who has always been interested in how lighting can grace a space, and uplift a person’s mood, even as a child. Now, years later, the 22-year-old artist-turned-interior designer entrepreneur offers end-to-end lighting consultation and layouts for commercial and residential spaces at affordable prices.


Aishwarya Dange grew up painting and make something out of waste materials. Hence, it had been only natural for her to pursue a Bachelor’s in Interior Designing, followed by various certification courses in Architectural & Interior Designing at Mumbai. While performing on a project as a Contract Designer, she was looking to urge a light-weight fixture made and will not find it within the market.

According to Aishwarya Dange, she prioritizes eco-friendly solutions through energy conservation. The practice includes leveraging the maximum amount of natural light, using LED lights over halogen bulbs, and integrating automated lighting systems. This helps build smart home systems, while also regulating energy consumption and controlling the carbon footprint of the building, she adds.

As a designer, Aishwarya Dange saw all about lighting highlights and elegant spaces which impact people psychologically too. Consistent with her, not many recognized this, and finished the development of the house, keeping installations of lights at the end!


Influenced by cross-cultural heritage, it fuses Scandinavian simplicity with the heat of up to date Asian style – you won’t find loud colors in her designs, which are all about refined neutrals, wood, and materiality. ‘I attempt to find a balance between key elements like masculine and female, old and new,’ she added ‘I also like to use tons of natural finishes, warm colors, and atmospheric lighting. For her, there has got to be a rhythm of bold, elegant, soft, and powerful.’


Aishwarya Dange has her own way when it comes to creativity and her work with time-efficiency seems to be more fabulous. She is currently working on a couple of residential projects, studio freelancing projects as well.

Layering with unique pieces is extremely important on behalf of her creative mind, so as to feature a component of storytelling – anything that evokes nostalgia, craft, and effortless style, she finds compelling!


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