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Amazon Plans to Release the Paid Alexa Version in June



Amazon Plans to Release the Paid Alexa Version in June

In the near future, using Alexa from Amazon may cost you money.

According to reports, Amazon plans to launch a new, subscription-based Alexa this summer that supports generative AI.

According to people familiar with the situation, Business Insider claims that “Alexa Plus” will include more AI features than the assistant’s free edition.

According to reports, the business has been testing the speech technology for the “Plus” version of the assistant with about 15,000 outside users; but, thus far, Alexa’s response quality has not lived up to the team’s expectations. In particular, the assistant finds it difficult to complete activities requiring the use of multiple services at once and responds in an overly lengthy or erroneous manner. For example, shutting off the music and lights simultaneously.

The commercial version of the assistant is currently scheduled to launch on June 30 by Amazon; however, if issues arise, that date may be pushed back.

Already been informed that a premium version of the virtual assistant may be available. In September, departing Amazon executive David Limp revealed in a Bloomberg interview that the company was considering a subscription plan for Alexa.

“Before we would start charging customers for this — and I believe we will — it has to be remarkable. It has to prove the utility that you’re coming to expect from the ‘superhuman’ assistant,” Limp said at the time.

A paid enhanced version of the assistant might be just what the assistant needs since Amazon has lagged behind rivals like Google Assistant and Siri in recent years.

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